Sunday, Sunday

Last night I had a ball at my bestie’s hen night! We headed up the North Coast and ate in a place called The Ice House, I have to say the food was lovely and the cocktail I had was gorgeous!


Nachos to start

Sarah had the Bang Bang chicken

Close up

My Italian chicken

My Bacardi Razz cocktail

After being good all week yesterday was my cheat day, so I’m back on the Slimming World again today.   Keeping up with trying to boost my fitness and lose weight Sarah and I headed out on another big walk.  This time 3 and a half miles, which was around a local reservoir.  We’ve given up even looking at our times, Alan (the dog) just slows us down too much, stops in front of us, runs into mud and then we have to try and encourage him into water to wash off.

I love using the ‘Map My Walk’ app on my phone so know how much I’ve actually walked and I can see where.

Rocking my 90’s scrunchie

Seriously, look at the state of him! Saz an I chilling on a jetty while he has a nosey and he decides to run into the ‘soft ground’ aka sinking mud!!!! Thankfully he came out alone because we couldn’t have got him!

More gorgeous cherry blossom

Mucky pup and a wee stinker he found horse poo and decided to eat that and bees! I mean really do dogs do that sort of thing?!

So today I’m going to try to be productive, blog wise anyway.  I’ve lots of blogs to write and schedule for next week and I’ve people to get back to, exciting news, The Ramore liked my blog post on them so much they want to put it on their website so you will have to look out for it! 🙂

Happy Sunday guys


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