Review, review


Today’s sample review is on Clinique‘s new fragrance Calyx and Sun Sense SPF 50+ lip balm.


Starting off with the fragrance, I picked this up at my local Clinique counter in Menarys in Bangor.  The staff as always were lovely and had an amazing new range of Spring/Summer stock in, including nail polish and gorgeous bright coloured makeup.  I didn’t even know Clinique offered this.

This Clinique fragrance is really light and fresh and you literally need the smallest amount, as a little goes very far.  This fragrance would be perfect for Spring/Summer as well as being very light and fresh it has a very clean smell, perfect for those humid Summer days.  I will definitely be wearing it! 🙂


Clinique Calyx – 50ml £46.00


The lovely guys from Sun Sense sent me out a box of goodies to try out and this lip balm was just one of the products.  Unfortunately I haven’t been able to try the SPF part of it as the weather hasn’t been amazing, perhaps I need to be sent on a sunny holiday to try it out properly 🙂 . . . I wish!  Anyway I would recommend this Sun Sense lip balm hands down without even considering the sun protection factor.  The balm is a really good consistency with no taste or smell and gives the most amazing rehydration to your lips.  I have to admit I’m bad for drinking enough water or reapplying lip balm enough throughout the day so I can at times have pretty dry lips (never a good look when you want to apply lipstick or gloss)!

With this Sun Sense balm I only need to apply it once in the morning and once at night, it lasts that long and hydrates your lips so well, without leaving them thick with balm or greasy.  The balm gives a lovely subtle shine to your lips and I have actually been wearing it instead of any tinted lip balm, lipstick or gloss.

If you are anything like me and have dry lips, are lazy and don’t remember to keep reapplying or just want an amazing balm where you only have to use the smallest amount then this Sun Sense balm is the one for you!!!


Sun Sense SPF 50+ lip balm – 15g £5.99


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