Hello again Sunday

The weekend comes around and flies in so quickly.  Today I’ve tried to cram in as much to my day off as possible!

After a little lie in and taxing my brother around I went to visit the little cat friends I am looking after for the next few days

Number one, this little one was not for staying still, finally I got this photo after about 15 attempts!

Number two, this little skinny mini was the absolute model, sat and posed no problem!

Next up I made my Slimming World lasagne for tomorrow night and lunch on Tuesday.

To make your own here is the recipe I use


I’ve also been working on my blogs for this week.  As always Monday will be my outfits of the week, but the rest of the week has a MUST HAVES theme, introducing a new jewellery designer and some of my favourites alongside the amazing Coco Brown, with two reviews.

Monday – Outfits of the week

Tuesday – Features By Sam Mercer

Wednesday – Reviews of two of the new Cocoa Brown products

Thursday – Features Ruby Bijou

Friday – Features a new jewellery designer I have come across Fabricate

Sunday is of course the day for a Sunday Roast, yum yum!!!

Oh and of course my big thing was my weigh in this morning! I’m a very happy bunny, fingers crossed I can be at my target weight by the summer! 🙂

Hope you had a fab weekend!


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