Outfits of the week

Monday once again and I took 30mins out of my day yesterday to plan my wardrobe for the week ahead. Planning and storing everything in my own room isn’t actually as bad as I initially thought with my brother so rudely returning from Oz and taking his room back.  Or should I say returning from his exile in Australia as the local paper reported in their sports area, I hardly think it was exile, it was a 9month holiday more like!

Anywho here are my outfits for this week . . .

Monday’s outfit – black jodhpurs (Gok Wan for Sainsbury’s), cream vest top (Primark), grey and cream long sleeved top (Penny’s), statement necklace (Penny’s) and my very well worn ballet pumps (Topshop).

Tuesday’s outfit – navy jodhpurs (Gok Wan for Sainsbury’s), green t-shirt (Marks and Spencer), denim shirt (Dorothy Perkins), long necklaces (Dorothy Perkins) and my converse pumps (Office).

Wednesday’s Outfit – denim polka dot dress (Primark), coral vest top (Marks and Spencer), navy tights (Primark), brown and coral belt (Primark), cardigan (Republic), daisy necklace (River Island) and converse style trainers (TU for Sainsbury’s).

Thursday’s Outfit – jeans (F&F for Tesco), cream vest top (Primark), floral stripped top (Primark), leaf necklace (Accessorize), long navy cardigan (Exibit) and coral sandals (Penny’s).

Friday’s Outfit – print trousers (Primark), cream top (Next), statement necklace (Primark), brown sandals (Primark) and I will wear my denim shirt (Primark) with it, but that’s still in the wash at the minute.

Hope I have inspired you to plan ahead with your own wardrobe for that extra 5 mins in bed in the morning! Here are the links for the shops I have featured in today’s post.

Primark     Next     Accessorize     Marks & Spencer     Exibit

Sainsbury’s     Tesco     Dorothy Perkins     River Island     Office     Topshop


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