Tremendous Tuesday MUST HAVES

Cover Photo

The gorgeous and lovely Sam Mercer has been working her little butt off and once again come up with some stunning new handmade accessories!  These are 100% my new MUST HAVE items, I can’t wait until pay day to get up and see her on her stall at St George’s Market asap!

Image of Dickie bow tie pin

The Dickie Bow tie pin


Just look how gorgeous they are on!

Image of Betty Bow hair clip sets

Betty Bow hair clip sets


Gorgeous on! Modelled by the stunning Sam herself

Image of Men's Lapel Pins

Men’s lapel pins


Image of Betty Bow shoe clips

Betty Bow Shoe Clips


All of Sam’s items would be in my total MUST HAVES, but these are my latest loves and wants! What do you guys think, any that have caught your eye?

Don’t forget to keep up with Sam . . .





instagram – @bysammercer



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