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You all know how much I love Cocoa Brown I have now tried all of their products bar one, and that is the ‘Lovely Legs’ I’m waiting for a night out to try this product, show it off properly!  Today’s blog covers not one, but two of Cocoa Brown‘s newest products; 1HR TAN ‘DARK’ and GENTLE BRONZE GRADUAL TANNER.

First off my review of Cocoa Brown‘s 1HR TAN ‘DARK’

On the mitt you can see already the slightly darker mousse.

Check out the difference in my arms . . . this is after I have just applied the mousse without any development time.

And on my back, (sorry for the blur, mum’s bad photography skills) half with tan and half without.

My legs before.

One of my legs with tan and one without.

After two hours of developing and a shower look at the colour difference.

My arm with the gorgeous colour!

Again check out that colour difference! So natural in colour too, not at all fake looking or that terrible orange!!!


I have to admit I love having a tan, especially for a night out or special occasion my opinion is the darker the better! I have been known to apply the 1hour tan, wear it overnight, shower off and a couple of days later reapply for a darker colour.  So this already darker tan is perfect for those occasions.  This 1HR TAN ‘DARK’ is the tan I will for use for nights out and the normal 1HR TAN I will use for day to day tannage! As always this tan lasts at least a week and gradually fades, to keep up the tan I use Cocoa Brown CHOCOLATE WHIP moisturiser.

My previous review of Cocoa Brown‘s 1HR TAN


Next up my review of Cocoa Brown‘s GENTLE BRONZE GRADUAL TANNER

Cocoa Brown recommend you apply the GENTLE BRONZE GRADUAL TANNER with your hands and then wash them afterwards.  This is what I initially done as you can see in the picture above, however for ease I did end up applying with a latex glove I swapped from hand to hand.  This product has the same smell and texture as the CHOCOLATE WHIP.

Here is my previous review of Cocoa Brown‘s CHOCOLATE WHIP.


My arm after applying GENTLE BRONZE GRADUAL TANNER. The fact that the tan has colour to it really helps when applying, however I do need to perfect my skills when applying without a mitt, I always end up getting the odd streak.  I’ve always been like that so any tips would be greatly appreciated guys!

I applied the GENTLE BRONZE GRADUAL TANNER twice to achieve this colour, with a day in between. I have to say I was really surprised with the colour after only two applications!  I thought that like most other gradual tans it would take about a week to get any kind of decent colour.  This colour though after two days was AMAZING, I really loved it, it was so, so natural and just gave me the right amount of tan I wanted for that week.

This is the colour difference between my leg and arm using Cocoa Brown‘s GENTLE BRONZE GRADUAL TANNER. 


I really loved this tan, as always! Especially the fact that it literally only takes two applications to get the perfect light, natural tan.  This tan will be perfect in the Summer to start off a natural tan on holiday or keep a natural tan maintained after your holiday.  I also think this would be perfect to maintain the 1HR TAN or 1 HR TAN ‘DARK’ after it begins to fade.  For those who like a light colour I would 100% recommend the Cocoa Brown‘s GENTLE BRONZE GRADUAL TANNER. 

So there you have it 2 more of Cocoa Brown‘s fabulous products and my MUST HAVE tan.

Where can I buy these products?

– Primark stores

– Penny’s Stores


CLICK THIS LINK FOR MORE STOCKISTShttp://www.cocoabrown.ie/beta/suppliers-and-retail-outlets/

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