Chat me up

This month in my latest You Beauty Discovery Box I chose this gorgeous little coloured polish.  With out fail if there is a nail polish to try out I WILL pick it, so this time was no different.  The coral/red colour really appealed to me and I hadn’t heard of Cheeky, chat me up nail polish before, never mind tried it out.

‘Cheeky’s collection of Chat Me Up nail paints are designed to add that extra spark to any look with playful names that reflect their major colours. Get creative with Tongue ‘n’ Cheek and the rest of the range and express yourself!’

You Beauty Discovery Box

Fabulous colour, great consistency and most importantly a perfect brush. I love brushes this shape and size as they provide quick and full coverage.

Ah I totally forgot to take a picture after one coat of polish! These are my nails after two coats, the colour is stunning isn’t it and the shine amazing.  I really liked using Cheeky, chat me up nail polish it had great coverage, easy to use, amazing colour and shine and also dried in really good time.

I will most definitely be looking out for these polishes in the future and would 100% buy them.


At £7.00 a polish my favourites to add to my wish list are:

Ice Ice Baby (10 ml)

Ice, ice baby

Lemon Tart (10 ml)

Lemon Tart

Candy Shop (10 ml)

Candy Shop

Have you tried these polishes before? Let me know what you think of them if you have!


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