So today was the final day of my course, held over 3 weeks.  Every Thursday I have been at the Ramada Encore in Belfast for training.  As well as loving the training, learning new techniques and meeting fellow colleagues in the field the bonus of training is a day out of the office and of course the good food you get.  However the bonus of good food in the hotel didn’t happen! 😦

Each time the hotel (which advertises it’s AA Rosette winning SQ Bar & Grill) served soup and sandwiches.  The first week the soup was tomato and red pepper (under seasoned and very acidic) with a selection of sandwiches (not a great selection, only chicken or fish).  Week two we had the choice of red pepper and tomato (again very acidic, but this time extremely spicy) or cream of vegetable (close your eyes and you had no idea what you were eating, very bland and more like slop). This time however there was a larger selection of sandwiches, (however the sandwiches were different at each table rather than having a selection on each table, so you had to move around the restaurant area we were in to select your lunch).

Now I know we were only in for training and the food was being provided for us and maybe not by those in the bar and grill but in my opinion if you try something nice, regardless of where and when you would be back.  From talking to some of the others on my course, the poor lunch has definitely put them off the Ramada Encore, rather than going their again and eating in there AA Rosette winning SQ Bar & Grill.

So finally for the third week my friend and I went out for food, in our opinion, two strikes and you are out!

Today we were very good and arrived that little bit earlier to treat ourselves to a coffee.  We decided to try out Chopin Grande Café and were greeted by the very friendly and welcoming owners.  The smells were also fantastic, freshly baked scones and coffee!

My lovely friend treated me to one of the mixed berry (raspberry and blueberry) scones and a decaf cappuccino.

The owner was lovely enough to butter and jam it for me as we were taking it away and I have to say it was gorgeous, so fresh and the fruit in it was lovely and refreshing.

The food was so good and staff so welcoming we decided straight away we would be back for lunch!

This was the lunch menu, my friend went for the ‘Mediterranean Vegetable, Brie and Pesto’ sandwich on white bread, and I went for the same but with chicken and on a poppy bagel.

This was sooo good! Straight away you could hear the ummm’s coming from the both of us.  We had a delicious lunch and a lot of the others were very jealous, especially when they seen this picture!  Without fail we will be back at Chopin Grande Café, we look forward to having a meal in it.

Here are some pictures from inside . . .

We would 100% recommend you try this place out! It is in St Anne’s Square, opposite the MAC theatre.

Chopin Grand Cafe
Unit 5, 18 Talbot Street
St Anne’s Square
County Antrim




Check out their website and like and follow them on Facebook and Twitter


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