Look inside my wardrobe

ward 16.06

What a roasting hot weekend and it appears the rest of the week will be the same so it is most definitely time to get the dresses out! Check out my wardrobe for this week . . .


Monday’s outfit – denim strap dress (Primark), long navy cardigan (Exhibit), mint green bow belt (Primark), mint green necklace (Primark) and brown sandals (Primark).


Tuesday’s outfit – printed graduated dress (Primark), black lips belt (Zara), cobalt blue sandals (Primark), and my statement necklace (New Look).


Wednesday’s outfit – navy blue dress (Primark), coral cardigan (River Island), daisy necklace (River Island) and coral sandals (Primark).


Thursday’s outfit – denim dress with lace back (Primark), statement pendant necklace (Jewellery Junkie), pink and brown belt (Primark) and brown sandals (Primark).

10389471_10152135171272021_3661958076082166946_n (2)

Friday’s outfit – black and white patterned trousers (Primark), black vest top (TU for Sainsbury’s), love and karma necklace (River Island) and my black flip flops (Havanians).


Primark      Zara      Sainsbury’s     New Look

  River Island       Jewellery Junkie


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