Last week I gave you a little teaser of what I have been up to and if you follow my blog you will have seen me post a few pictures of the new jewellery I bought from Scatterpin.  Now to fill you in and give you all the info!


I received an email a couple of weeks ago about a new, local jewellery business asking would I like to meet with them.  You all know my love for jewellery so of course I said YES!  So I went along and met up with the lovely Hannah from Scatterpin who had laid out so many of the gorgeous pieces from the website, I was in heaven!!


‘We wanted unique, individual jewellery, well made and beautifully designed: we wanted fun, fashionable, statement pieces that are versatile and allow us to express who we are, our personalities, moods and preferences.

Our jewellery has a history. It is embedded in the thoughts and processes of our designers. The designers are people with vision, talent and experience. Their inspiration behind each range is traceable and current. Wearing our jewellery is a personal experience, personal both to the designer who breathed life into each piece and personal to you, your purchase, your choice, your connection.

Our jewellery design is based on collections. It has an identity. The designers’ name the ranges personally and the links from one piece to the next are definable. This serves to give our jewellery a depth and foundation. Each purchase is not an adhoc spontaneous decision, our jewellery demands consideration and unconditional thought.

We are a family owned company with over 13 years experience in the design industry. Our company provides excellent service, offers fair prices and delivers stunning, unique products. We are also great to work for: fair, fun and inspirational. At Scatterpin our staff can grow and meet their full potential, that makes us more than a little special.’


There are eight different collections with three different designers.  I was able to see some of the pieces from these stunning collections which I will show you new, but there are many more on their website.  Don’t worry, I will give you the link so you don’t miss out!

Collection one – Gold Dust

Rebecca Douglas

This collection is designed by Rebecca Douglas from Edinburgh and has a really elegant look.  In my opinion this would be perfect for an older woman or any age for a night out or a formal occasion.  The jewellery is painted with 18 carat gold and include semi precious stones. 


I especially loved the long necklace above with the blue and grey stones, I could really see this piece going with a plain dress or top for that kind of boho look.  I also loved the rings, but even more I loved the three together, they look like a set but they are all individual. 


Aren’t the rings just stunning?

This collection ranges in price from £18 – £150.

Collection two – Windows

Lauren Wethers

This collection is designed by Lauren Withers from Edinburgh and has a really unique and quirky look in my opinion.


This collection has probably one of the most handmade looks in my opinion, there are no straight ages and no two pieces are the same.  Each piece of silver has engraved swirls which have then been hand painted in either red, green or blue.  I love the way the windows are actually 3D.  This can be a gorgeous gift for anyone but also something quite sentimental, perhaps for someone moving out, moving into a new or first house. 

Note that the rings on the site may differ in shape compared to the ring you receive, so if you are looking for that specific shape contact the Scatterpin team and they will do their best meet your desire.

This collection ranges in price from £30 – £85.

Collection three – Inherent Nature

Rebecca Douglas

This collection is designed by Rebecca Douglas and one of those statement, yet every day looks I think.  Something that could be worn everyday but just has that colourful impact.


Originally when I spotted the birds necklace I thought the colour was black but as you lift it up and the light hits it you can see it’s a racing car green.  I have to admit I’m not really a green fan but the colour on this necklace won me over! I especially loved the finishing touch of the coloured bead on the end of the chain on each item of the collection.

This collection ranges in price from £7.50 – £22.50.

Collection four – Stacks

Rebecca Douglas

Another collection designed but the fabulous Rebecca.  I really loved these stacks bracelets as soon as I saw them, I have to admit these were the first things that jumped out at me when I walked in.


I especially loved the nude bracelet with the rose gold, I am pretty obsessed with rose gold at the minute!  It’s becoming more fashionable and easier to find, but it’s not always the real thing you can find or a good quality.  This is why I loved this bracelet as soon as I seen it, the quality just screamed out and the cream/nude would be my personal preference!


I also loved these leather bracelets, I kind of think they have a Game of Thrones look about them and I loved how quirky and unique the clasps were!  Using butter-soft leather and with either Sterling Silver, 18ct gold or rose gold they are simply stunning!

This collection ranges in price from £30 – £35.

Collection five – Bespoke Beads

Catherine Burns

This collection has been designed by local girl Catherine Burns from Moira, very elegant and glamorous with in my opinion a kind of edgy look.


I loved this bracelet, surprisingly light with a strong leather strap and mega strong magnetic clasp.  Each bead and semi precious stone has been hand sewn on to the leather and there would definitely be no budging them.


The beads and semi precious stones too are hand sewn onto the statement necklaces and are backed with a soft felt material for that finishing touch!  I know a lot of people who would love a statement necklace but can’t carry the weight of one or the metal irritates there skin, this is where these necklaces would be just perfect for them, light and no irritation!

This collection ranges in price from £40 – £65.

Collection six – Seductive Silver

Rebecca Douglas

Again another very unique and one off designed collection from Rebecca is the Seductive Silver range.  As before every piece is hand made so no two items will look the same!


These are just a few pieces from the collection, the rest can be found on the link below.  All made from Sterling Silver these pieces are stunning, the ring was actually so comfortable on because it moves with your finger, so it doesn’t get caught or in the way.  But my favourite piece from this collection has to be the cupid’s arrow bracelet, so light and delicate, yet sturdy and unique.  Even the detail in how it has been cut and the way the arrow isn’t poker straight, to me it is perfect!

This collection ranges in price from £35 – £60

Collection seven – Domino Dates

Rebecca Douglas

Rebecca has also designed this range.  I have been lucky enough to see these in person, long before Hannah had shown me them as my friend in work has these, a gift from her sister, who I have since found out is part of the Scatterpin business!  As soon as I spotted them on her I loved them, I hold my hands up I am totally 100% Miss Sentimental and to have a special date on a necklace is right up my street.


Each domino is made from 18ct Gold and blue cubic zirconium.  Like I said they are perfect for those sentimental or special occasions; birthday, anniversary, graduation, age, anything you want.  Definitely a special occasion gift!

This collection is priced at £40 per domino.

Collection eight –  Memories

Rebecca Douglas

Finally is my favourite collection from Rebecca Douglas, the Childhood Memories collection.  This is actually the collection I have bought a couple of pieces from already.  Quirky and unique it is totally up my street, my kind of jewellery and with the added extra of the hints of rose gold in some of the pieces.


Now I have bought the fortune teller and for a friend’s birthday mum bought the diary/book, which I absolutely love and really, really want to get next!



I have to admit out of the collection this is one of the necklaces I wouldn’t wear, I love it and especially the floral detail on it but it just doesn’t suit me, isn’t that always the case, jewellery just doesn’t suit everyone and everyone has different tastes.  However I know my cousin would love this, she loves little jewellery boxes and to me this reminds me of an ornate jewellery box for those special pieces.

This collection ranges in price from £6 – £15.

The Bonus Collection

Rebecca Douglas

Again another fabulous collection designed by Rebecca, the bonus of this collection is that it’s a little added extra.  At the moment with any piece of jewellery you purchase (it doesn’t matter how much you spend or what collection you buy from) you will receive a piece of jewellery from the Swings collection (found in Childhood Memories) and you also get to pick which one you would like.


You can’t buy these individually so I actually bought 3 items separately so I could complete the collection! I just loved them, so cute and unique and very me!


I also have to say they look even better in real life, the pictures don’t do them justice!


I wore the ring all day when out with work with the kids and it didn’t annoy me or catch on anything once, even though it sits high on the finger you forget you are wearing it.








No excuses now not to stay up to date and treat yourself!

Let me know what you think on this gorgeous jewellery and of course if you make a purchase!


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