Belfast says hello to Dr Martens

Thursday night I was at an exclusive VIP launch party for the new and only Dr Martens first standalone store in Northern Ireland.

Located in Corn Market in Belfast, this location was specifically chosen for the store!

Not coming from a marketing or business background I had never realised how much thought goes into the location of a store.  I always just assumed it would be where it would get the most business and traffic of potential customers, however Dr Martens chose Belfast and the Corn Market location for a lot more than just that.

We were told how the Corn Market location was perfect due to it’s own personality and history; ‘the culture of the area, buskers, performers, individuality, tribes and groups that gather here and the free thinking individuals.’  As for choosing Belfast, this was down to the similarities of the DM brand and the iconic city‘Both have industrial roots and origins, heritage to music and the iconic music scene, and again the culture of both.‘  This was prominent at the launch party with artwork on the walls of the store an the music at the night.

Just check out that amazing artwork by Visual Waste!  The theme was Elements of what both the city and the brand stand for.  As we all came in we were asked for one word that summed up Belfast,  the word chosen which they decided best fitted both Belfast and Dr Martens was ‘DEFIANCE’ which was then added to the artwork.

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As for the music element of the night there were a fantastic band, The Groundlings.

As for the DJ for the night it was the iconic Terri Hooley! A prominent figure in the Belfast punk scene and founder of the Good Vibrations record shop and label, responsible for bands such as The Undertones, Rudi and The Outcasts making their mark on the national music scene in Ireland & Britain. After playing “Teenage Kicks” on BBC national radio John Peel then became a big supporter of the Good Vibrations record label.

Keeping with the theme of Belfast and individuality local business were picked for the food and drinks for the night.

Love and Death Inc provided the delicious food for the night.

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Farmageddon Beers provided the drink and I have to say the nicest local beer I’ve had before!

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Both the DM brand and Belfast have moved and developed with time, Belfast is not the city it used to be and as for Dr Martens they too have changed and developed.  Have a look at my pictures of the store and the products they are selling, it’s not just footwear and your typical traditional DM style, they have moved on with different styles for every occasion and individual.


As you can see this isn’t your ‘typical’ or ‘traditional’ DM store, the styles have changed and clothing and accessories have been added, all keeping in with the iconic brand and high product standard.  I have to say the location is perfect for DM and the staff are true to the brand, unique and not at all generic.  I went to the event minus a plus one but that was not a problem, meeting and talking to other invitees, but also being able to chat to the staff.  Extremely friendly and approachable and in no way the pounce on people to talk them into buying type of staff you tend to get in most shops these days!  I found the staff to be very genuine and helpful and they really knew their stuff.  I also loved the individuality of how they wore and styled the clothes and shoes for their uniforms.

I especially fell in love with this leather, burgundy bag on the night, I just had to have it!  With a fantastic 50% off for the night, I talked Mum into getting me it for Christmas! EEKS!!!! Hence the packaging still being on it, yup I gotta wait until Christmas to get in, in the mean time however I can start saving for a new pair of DM’s to go with it, but what to chose shoes or boots?!

I was able to have some cool goodies from the night though!  Alongside the 50% off everything you also were given a canvas Dr Martens #STANDFORSOMETHING bag, stickers, temporary tattoos and the coolest ever DM boot USB pen, that I cannot wait to use!

Alongside being invited to the exclusive VIP launch party at the store located on Corn Market in Belfast as part of a select group of bloggers Dr Martens feel epitomises the brand and its current #STANDFORSOMETHING campaign, which celebrates individuality and self-expression. I was offered a pair of my very own Dr Martens to wear to the party. I was asked to style them up and share my look on my blog and also be part of #STANDFORSOMETHING by telling DM what I stand for as a blogger.

As for what I wore to the party, what Dr Martens I chose and how I styled them I will leave that for a post of their own, which I hope to share with you over the next couple of days.  I will also show you a few other ways to style the iconic footwear!

So what are you waiting for? Get down to the new store and check it out for yourself! Or why not check out the website, see for yourself straight away what styles are available and perhaps make a purchase.


Stand for something!




Iconic footwear and clothing brand Dr. Martens is calling for local musicians to ‘Busk for Belfast’ to celebrate the launch of its first standalone store in Northern Ireland.

Belfast in the 1970s and 80s saw Ulster punks adopt the Dr. Martens boot and its association with various subcultures from all generations continues today, showcased in the current #STANDFORSOMETHING campaign that champions real Docs wearers.

The newly opened Corn Market store is playing host to a week of celebrations of Belfast punk and alternative music, and buskers are being invited to perform outside of Dr. Martens from Monday 22 to Saturday 27 September.

Boot prints will mark the spot on Corn Market for musicians and artists to take it turns to play to the passing public, and a window display will encourage the audience to share photos and clips of their favourite busker using the hashtag #STANDFORSOMETHINGBELFAST.

Amy Nelson, Dr. Martens UK retail marketing manager, said: “Dr. Martens is synonymous with many forms of musical self-expression from punk, rock to ska and reggae so we want to see what Belfast buskers have to say about what they, and their city, stands for.

“The Corn Market is such a popular spot for buskers as it is and we want to give them a platform to show off their talent, bringing #STANDFORSOMETHING to life in Belfast.”

As Dr. Martens latest store, which opened earlier this summer, the week-long event this September will officially mark the brand’s arrival in Belfast along with the reveal of some in-store artwork, a VIP party and an all-day in-store event on Saturday 27 September.

People of Belfast are encouraged to stop and listen to the buskers outside the store, and share their favourite using #STANDFORSOMETHINGBELFAST on social media, to be in with a chance to win a pair of Docs.

Musicians can busk outside the store all day every day from Monday 22 to Saturday 27 September.

Time to spray and go


I’ve been dying to try Vaseline’s Spray & Go body moisturiser for months,  actually since it was first launched! I am holding my hands up, since I’ve come home from my hols and I’ve been busy in work I’ve been really lax with the moisturising and my skin is definitely paying for it. So today I picked this up to give it a go . . .

I’ll let you know next week how I go 🙂

Happy birthday to ya . . .


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