Stand for something!




Iconic footwear and clothing brand Dr. Martens is calling for local musicians to ‘Busk for Belfast’ to celebrate the launch of its first standalone store in Northern Ireland.

Belfast in the 1970s and 80s saw Ulster punks adopt the Dr. Martens boot and its association with various subcultures from all generations continues today, showcased in the current #STANDFORSOMETHING campaign that champions real Docs wearers.

The newly opened Corn Market store is playing host to a week of celebrations of Belfast punk and alternative music, and buskers are being invited to perform outside of Dr. Martens from Monday 22 to Saturday 27 September.

Boot prints will mark the spot on Corn Market for musicians and artists to take it turns to play to the passing public, and a window display will encourage the audience to share photos and clips of their favourite busker using the hashtag #STANDFORSOMETHINGBELFAST.

Amy Nelson, Dr. Martens UK retail marketing manager, said: “Dr. Martens is synonymous with many forms of musical self-expression from punk, rock to ska and reggae so we want to see what Belfast buskers have to say about what they, and their city, stands for.

“The Corn Market is such a popular spot for buskers as it is and we want to give them a platform to show off their talent, bringing #STANDFORSOMETHING to life in Belfast.”

As Dr. Martens latest store, which opened earlier this summer, the week-long event this September will officially mark the brand’s arrival in Belfast along with the reveal of some in-store artwork, a VIP party and an all-day in-store event on Saturday 27 September.

People of Belfast are encouraged to stop and listen to the buskers outside the store, and share their favourite using #STANDFORSOMETHINGBELFAST on social media, to be in with a chance to win a pair of Docs.

Musicians can busk outside the store all day every day from Monday 22 to Saturday 27 September.

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