Pottering around with Pumpkins


Every year I attempt to carve my own pumpkins, I’m such a big kid, but when I was younger I never got to do all this!  When we were younger pumpkins were unthought-of, it was turnips all the way, yes turnips, instead of a pumpkin my parents would carve out a turnip!  I love pumpkins too, they are just so stunning even before they are carved!


Last year I did attempt to make soup with the carved out pumpkin, but I have to say it tasted horrible.  The year before I used it to make spiced pumpkin cake and muffins, but this year I didn’t bother doing any of that.


Check out this year’s carving tools, I have to say the Pumpkin Carver Kit from Sainsburys was a total gift!  It made the carving and scooping out so easy to do!

Check out my Pumpkins!

wpid-snapchat-1583379519192608435.jpg wpid-snapchat-1941961085175209582.jpg wpid-snapchat-5630305244016853961.jpg wpid-snapchat-1932053628236814812.jpg wpid-snapchat-847511437949819817.jpg wpid-img_20141028_190840.jpg wpid-img_20141028_193820.jpg wpid-img_20141028_194528.jpg wpid-img_20141028_194630.jpg wpid-img_20141028_194754.jpg wpid-img_20141028_195902.jpg wpid-img_20141028_202510.jpg wpid-img_20141028_202628.jpg


Outside on the door step! 🙂


I loved the pictures in black and white too, think they look so cool!

Have you carved any pumpkins this year, any tips or seen any you have really loved?  Share your story or pictures with me! 🙂




Halloween Nail Art


As it’s Halloween time again, it’s time for a change of nail art and attempt a Halloween theme.


Rarely am I happy with something creative that I do, yes when it comes to baking or nail art etc I am a total perfectionist, but I have to admit this year I’m pretty happy with my nail art creations, a definite improvement from last year!


On my right hand I have;  Pinky Finger – dripping blood, Ring Finger – Frankenstein, Middle Finger – a mummy, Pointer finger – vampire and Thumb – black cat.


On my right hand I have;  Pinky Finger – spider web, Ring Finger – Frankenstein’s wife, Middle Finger – spider, Pointer finger – skeleton (Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas) and Thumb – pumpkin.

Take a closer look!






My nails are all hand painted using nail polish and nail art pens.

Do you theme your nails for Halloween?  I’d love to see your nail art, just tag me on instagram @zeejay86



Last night Dad and I went out for dinner, picking somewhere that we’d both like can sometimes be hard but this time it was an easy choice for somewhere local!  After hearing great reviews and driving past so many times we decided on BLU BBQ.

Located in the middle of Bangor in High Street, no 52 it is a perfect location, local, central and close to all the bars and clubs if you want to head out after.


Quoted from their website ‘Blu BBQ has brought wood smoked barbeque to Bangor.
Our Cookshack smokers are imported directly from the states guaranteeing authentic smoky flavours.
Come and try our Beef Brisket – hickory smoked on the bone for 20 hours, or how about our smoked pulled pork, served with our original Blu BBq Sauce!
We are kid friendly – with baby changing facilities available, as well as a separate kids menu.
We are fully licensed and can cater for parties of all sizes.’


For more pictures check out Blu – BBQ’s gallery on their website



For more pictures from the Kitchen and preparing the meat check out Blu – BBQ’s gallery on their website



For more pictures from the Bar check out Blu – BBQ’s gallery on their website


Now for our night.


A fabulous range of food and drinks on each of the menus.







Not forgetting the COCKTAIL MENU

 So much choice, but the first one I made was an easy one, what to drink! my friends had already been and had chosen the MELONBALL cocktail and told me how good it was, so that was a no brainer.

Next up was what to chose for the starter, now this was tougher!

I ended up going for the POPCORN SHRIMP with CAJUN MAYONNAISE. This was delicious, so light and fresh, not greasy and just a slight kick.

Dad went for the CAESAR SALAD WITH HOT SMOKED SALMON.  Now I didn’t try this myself because I don’t like salmon, but he said it was delicious, the salmon had a slight kick and the smoking was amazing.

Did you know they smoke the salmon themselves in the restaurant?!

Next up was the main courses, again another tough choice, one where Dad and I decided to both get something each that we could share (I use the word share very lightly).

I went for one of the night’s specials, the CHARGRILLED 10oz RIBEYE, SMOTKED PAPRIKA BUTTERED LANGOUSTINES, CHOCIE OF SIDE, GARLIC & SMOKED LEMON MAYONNAISE. This again was completely delicious, you don’t get given a steak knife because you actually don’t need it, the steak just cuts like butter, most definitely the 2nd best steak I’ve ever eaten!

As for the langoustines they were lovely, I don’t think I had ever tried them before so I didn’t really know how to eat them, apparently you don’t go for the head lol.

Dad on the other hand went for the BLU BBQ SMOKED BEEF SPARE RIBS, he definitely wasn’t expecting something this size when they arrived!  I wouldn’t like to see the size of cow that they came from!

The meat literally just fell off the bone!  So succulent, tasty, juicy, meaty and cooked to perfection!!


For our sides we went for ONION RINGS and POTATO WEDGES.  Absolutely delicious and not at all greasy or heavy like some can be.

Clean plates all round and completely stuffed, no room for dessert.  However there was room for a dessert style drink to finish off the night.

A custom made cocktail made my the owner for me – A NUTTY IRISHMAN, Dad liked it so much he got one too.  Oh this was so good but wow it had a kick and this innocent looking little drink has left me with a bit of a sore head today . . . Totally worth it though!!


Amazing meal with fantastic hospitality! Will 100% be back for more delicious food at such a good price!!!! 5 star recommendation!!
Address – 50-52 High St Bangor, BT20 5AZ
Phone – 028 9147 0698


12PM-3PM, 5PM-9PM

(food served all day)

(food served all day)

A change is just what I need!

I’ve decided I need a change, I don’t feel happy in my bedroom anymore, it feels like it’s under a big grey cloud.  Time to rearrange what furniture I can, invest in some new wallpaper, put up more pictures, try to declutter and make my room my sanctuary again.
First off I need to pick what wallpaper I want, something I won’t get bored of looking at from my bed every night, this is my little inspiration board . . .
B&Q Wallpapers
Colours Paste The Wall, Not The Paper Shoreline Wallpaper: Image 1
Colours Paste The Wall, Not The Paper Shoreline Wallpaper – £14.98 per roll
Colours Paste The Wall Birchfield Wallpaper: Image 1
Colours Paste The Wall Birchfield Wallpaper – £14.98 per roll
Statement Paste The Paper Mazarine Metallic Effect Silver Wallpaper: Image 1
Statement Paste The Paper Mazarine Metallic Effect Silver Wallpaper – £19.98 per roll
Home Of Colour – Harmony – Wallpaper – Zest  – £9.99 per roll
Frames Wallpaper – Gold – £19.99 per roll
John Lewis
Buy John Lewis Heidi Wallpaper, Mineral Online at johnlewis.com
John Lewis Heidi Wallpaper, Mineral – £22.00 per roll
Log Pile Wallpaper – £15.00 per roll
Now that I’ve a select few I definitely need to go see them for myself before I buy, my two favourites at the minute are Not The Paper Shoreline Wallpaper and Frames Wallpaper – Gold.
A week off for Halloween and I really can’t wait to get started!


Today I’m STANDING UP TO CANCER! Tonight Channel4 have a TV marathon on to raise money, showing people’s stories, tips and advise and fun/celebrity sketches.

This was me in November 3 years ago, weeks after my last chemo.


This was me a year later (nearly 1 year free of cancer)


And another year later (nearly 2 years free)

And this is me today 3 years ago I was 19 days away from my last chemo!

I don’t look that much different, I was lucky, I never fully lost my hair, chemo just left me feeling like I had the flu, one week I was sick and the other I felt well.  For months no one but close friends and family knew I was sick, my hair was the only tell tale sign.

I had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, stage 1A – the cancer was only in the one place and I had no symptoms I was sick.  I was lucky, due to research I knew my cancer was curable, I knew if I took my medicine (the chemo) I would get better after 6 months.

Unfortunately that’s not the same for everyone which is why research is SO important.  We need to keep raising money and doing what we can to donate.  Not forgetting spreading the word and knowledge about signs and symptoms to look out for and how important it is to know and check your body!

These are my nails from last year to get people talking and raise awareness.

#standuptocancer #doyourbit #raisemoney #donate #letsbeatcancersbutt

I also wear my STAND UP TO CANCER t-shirt, both spreading the word and giving as the money you pay for the top goes to STAND UP TO CANCER.

To donate or buy something for STAND UP TO CANCER click the link below


Cancer has been a pretty big part of my life and my blog, here are links to my other posts:


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Such an inspirational story from Kris and her AMAZING campaign, seriously sign up for the texts, such a good reminder!


Supporting the Action Cancer shop, do your bit for the charity in a different way, by buying and donating your unwanted items


Other ways to support and spread the word


My feelings on that day on cancer

Ooh la la

I’m absolutely LOVING my new French Bulldog stud earrings from Ruby Bijou, as soon as I spotted them I just had to have them.  Check out some more of my pictures, the amount of compliments I got on them today was unreal!!

Now I’m sure you will all be dying for a pair yourself, so why not click the link below and add them to your basket!


Spot anything else you fancied?



Weekend treats

This weekend flew in as always but definitely a nice chilled out end to the week!  Saturday treats with Mum up in Oliver’s on the Belmont Road in Belfast, soo good and of course spending time with mamma bear!

For years I’ve always said I must go to the cinema some time alone, and this weekend I made some time for me and did just that. Yes I chose to go to the cinema alone, something I will definitely do again, so empowering and I could just sprawl out and chill.  I decided to go to see Gone Girl, I had read the book and loved it apart from the ending, however the film was perfect, complimented the story so well and gave more of a finish to the ending and so true to the book.  I especially loved Neil Patrick Harris, he played his role so well as I actually felt sorry for his character and empathised with him, where I didn’t at all in the book.

I would 100% recommend this film and if you can, read the book beforehand.  I give Gone Girl ***** 5 stars!!!

Hope you all had a good weekend!