Weekend treats

This weekend flew in as always but definitely a nice chilled out end to the week!  Saturday treats with Mum up in Oliver’s on the Belmont Road in Belfast, soo good and of course spending time with mamma bear!

For years I’ve always said I must go to the cinema some time alone, and this weekend I made some time for me and did just that. Yes I chose to go to the cinema alone, something I will definitely do again, so empowering and I could just sprawl out and chill.  I decided to go to see Gone Girl, I had read the book and loved it apart from the ending, however the film was perfect, complimented the story so well and gave more of a finish to the ending and so true to the book.  I especially loved Neil Patrick Harris, he played his role so well as I actually felt sorry for his character and empathised with him, where I didn’t at all in the book.

I would 100% recommend this film and if you can, read the book beforehand.  I give Gone Girl ***** 5 stars!!!

Hope you all had a good weekend!

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