Today I’m STANDING UP TO CANCER! Tonight Channel4 have a TV marathon on to raise money, showing people’s stories, tips and advise and fun/celebrity sketches.

This was me in November 3 years ago, weeks after my last chemo.


This was me a year later (nearly 1 year free of cancer)


And another year later (nearly 2 years free)

And this is me today 3 years ago I was 19 days away from my last chemo!

I don’t look that much different, I was lucky, I never fully lost my hair, chemo just left me feeling like I had the flu, one week I was sick and the other I felt well.  For months no one but close friends and family knew I was sick, my hair was the only tell tale sign.

I had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, stage 1A – the cancer was only in the one place and I had no symptoms I was sick.  I was lucky, due to research I knew my cancer was curable, I knew if I took my medicine (the chemo) I would get better after 6 months.

Unfortunately that’s not the same for everyone which is why research is SO important.  We need to keep raising money and doing what we can to donate.  Not forgetting spreading the word and knowledge about signs and symptoms to look out for and how important it is to know and check your body!

These are my nails from last year to get people talking and raise awareness.

#standuptocancer #doyourbit #raisemoney #donate #letsbeatcancersbutt

I also wear my STAND UP TO CANCER t-shirt, both spreading the word and giving as the money you pay for the top goes to STAND UP TO CANCER.

To donate or buy something for STAND UP TO CANCER click the link below

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