Halloween Nail Art


As it’s Halloween time again, it’s time for a change of nail art and attempt a Halloween theme.


Rarely am I happy with something creative that I do, yes when it comes to baking or nail art etc I am a total perfectionist, but I have to admit this year I’m pretty happy with my nail art creations, a definite improvement from last year!


On my right hand I have;  Pinky Finger – dripping blood, Ring Finger – Frankenstein, Middle Finger – a mummy, Pointer finger – vampire and Thumb – black cat.


On my right hand I have;  Pinky Finger – spider web, Ring Finger – Frankenstein’s wife, Middle Finger – spider, Pointer finger – skeleton (Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas) and Thumb – pumpkin.

Take a closer look!






My nails are all hand painted using nail polish and nail art pens.

Do you theme your nails for Halloween?  I’d love to see your nail art, just tag me on instagram @zeejay86


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