Pottering around with Pumpkins


Every year I attempt to carve my own pumpkins, I’m such a big kid, but when I was younger I never got to do all this!  When we were younger pumpkins were unthought-of, it was turnips all the way, yes turnips, instead of a pumpkin my parents would carve out a turnip!  I love pumpkins too, they are just so stunning even before they are carved!


Last year I did attempt to make soup with the carved out pumpkin, but I have to say it tasted horrible.  The year before I used it to make spiced pumpkin cake and muffins, but this year I didn’t bother doing any of that.


Check out this year’s carving tools, I have to say the Pumpkin Carver Kit from Sainsburys was a total gift!  It made the carving and scooping out so easy to do!

Check out my Pumpkins!

wpid-snapchat-1583379519192608435.jpg wpid-snapchat-1941961085175209582.jpg wpid-snapchat-5630305244016853961.jpg wpid-snapchat-1932053628236814812.jpg wpid-snapchat-847511437949819817.jpg wpid-img_20141028_190840.jpg wpid-img_20141028_193820.jpg wpid-img_20141028_194528.jpg wpid-img_20141028_194630.jpg wpid-img_20141028_194754.jpg wpid-img_20141028_195902.jpg wpid-img_20141028_202510.jpg wpid-img_20141028_202628.jpg


Outside on the door step! 🙂


I loved the pictures in black and white too, think they look so cool!

Have you carved any pumpkins this year, any tips or seen any you have really loved?  Share your story or pictures with me! 🙂



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