Buy Local this festive period


Over this festive period I will be posting a few of my wish lists, look carefully and you will spot items from a few of the local small businesses near me.  As you know I like to do what I can to introduce those small and local businesses you may not have heard of before.  This year I have decided to pick 10 small, local businesses and show you my top picks from their online shops.  A few of the shops I had in mind but a couple of the others I needed a little help with, so a big thanks to those who commented on my post on North Down Mums 2 on Facebook for all your local suggestions.  There were so many businesses I looked at and will hopefully work with or feature in 2015, but these I have chosen were the ones that caught my eye, something different, something I hadn’t seen before.


1. Ruby BijouFacebook Ruby Bijou

2. By Sam Mercer – Facebook By Sam Mercer

3. Scatterpin – FacebookScatterpin

4. Sweetiemice – FacebookSweetiemice

5. Ladybird Designs – Facebook Ladybird Designs

6. Little Shoos – FacebookLittle Shoos

7. Modala – FacebookModala

8. Picture Perfect Taylor Made

9. Too da Lou

10.My Own Fairy – FacebookMy Own Fairy

One of my regulars and favourite small businesses, these are my favourites from Ruby Bijou this festive period.

Christmas Tree Decoration – £4.50

Dandelion Star Christmas Decoration – £4.00

Image of Daisy Ring

Daisy Ring – £10.00

Image of Pug Stud Earrings

Pug Earrings – £4.00

Dandelion Necklace – £16.00

Steampunk Glitter Brooch – also in the necklace

The second of my regular and favourite small businesses, these are my favourites from By Sam Mercer this festive period.

Cufflinks – £12.00

Dickie Bow Tie Pins – £8.00

Lou Lou Leather Bow Hair Band – £10.00

Betty Bow Hair Clip – £6.50


Day Of The Dead/Sugar Skull headscarves


Black Leather Lapel Pin

The next local business is Scatterpin these are my favourites from their collections over the festive period.

Domino Date Necklace – £40 per domino

Seductive Silver Cupid Arrow Ring – £45

Seductive Silver Cupid Arrow Earrings – £35

Childhood Memories Bedside Book

Childhood Memories – Bedside Book – £15


Gold Dust Upright Rings – £18 each

Gold Dust Small Loop Earrings Smoky Quartz

Gold Dust Small Loop Earring – £22.50


This next local business is new to me, but as soon as I clicked on their website I fell in love! Here are some of my favourites from Sweetiemice this festive period.

Here’s a brief description on their productsThese framed pictures are made with multiple layers of paper creating a magical 3D effect and are mounted in a simple 25x25cm white or black box frame perfect for hanging on a nursery or child’s bedroom wall.


Giraffe – £39


Boat – £39


Penguin – £39


Robot – £39


Unicorn – £39

Ladybird Designs is another local business which is new to me, the style of their products are very me! Here are some of my favourites this festive period.

Christmas tree decoration – £5

To-do List Note Book – £4.00

Medium Note Book – £6.00

Book Mark – £1.50

Candle Gift Jar – £6.00

The next local business I want to introduce is Little Shoos. Here are some of my favourites of theirs this festive period.

Little Red Snowmen

Little Red Snowmen – £9.00

Little Birds

Little Birds – £9.00

Little VW Vans

Little VW Vans – £9.00

Little Dragons

Little Dragons – £9.00

 The lovely ladies on North Down Mums 2 introduced me to this company Modala. Here are some of my favourite pieces for this festive period.

Half Moon Beam Mint Necklace

Half Moon Beam Mint Necklace – £8

Lydia Drop Earrings in Mint

Lydia Drop Earrings in Mint – £6

Miss Zara Ocean Gemstone Necklace

Miss Zara Ocean Gemstone Necklace – £14

Lemon Drop Statement Necklace

Lemon Drop Statement Necklace – £12

Another business I was introduced to was Picture Perfect Taylor Made here are my picks for this festive period. (Don’t forget they don’t have to be for Christmas, it can be a wee prezzie for after).



A (surname) Christmas … (With all the initials of first names on tags)…. £45.99 … This is a large picture measuring 52.5cm by 52.5cm.


Something special for your playroom… (All kids names included) … £32.00… This frame measure 43cm by 33cm.



The next local business I want to introduce is Too da Lou have a look at some of my favourite items for this festive period.

£6.50 each plus £3.20 p&p

£6.50 plus £3.20 p&p

£26.00 plus £4.20 p&p

£7.50 plus £1.20 p&p

£10.00 plus £3.20 p&p

£4.50 plus £1.20 p&p

Last but by no means least is My Own Fairy. I’m not 100% sure if they are local to me or not but I fell in love and had to feature them! Here are my favourites for this festive period.


Door £19.99 and Stepping Stones








So there we have it my 10 local small businesses with my favourite picks for this festive period, whether it’s for Christmas or with money you have received as a gift.  Even if it’s just the one thing why not buy one thing from a small business this year.  I hope what I’ve picked are something different and unique to what you would usually see.





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