Christmas 2014

So I left you guys before Christmas on a low, back then I was feeling really low, but the above quote inspired me.  Alongside reminding myself that everything would be ok, eventually; I also had my amazing friends and family who I spent time with and spoke to, which made for a surprisingly really good Christmas!

So here is a round up of my surprisingly good Christmas!!

A morning spent with my crazy cousin’s who ALWAYS make me smile . . . they introduced me to DUBSMASH, haven’t laughed so much with no cares in the world for a long time!

I was spoilt with prezzies, a couple of things I had asked for alongside surprises and some really thoughtful gifts from my amazing friends and work colleagues.

The Dr Marten’s handbag I asked for.

The boots I loved from Office.

Some of my surprises.

The ring I loved from Ruby Bijou and the Butter london nail polish I wanted.

My cousin bless her made a starter for the family all over at my Uncle’s this year and I had to try it before heading back to Dad’s for our Christmas dinner.  She did good although might get her to hold back on the amount of coulee next year or add more melon balls!

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without some Scrooged while we waited for the dinner.

Dad and I had to go for the DIY hats this year, because someone forgot to get the crackers . . . .

Our feast of a dinner, mostly all homemade.

This is what you hold off eating for all day!

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a Ferrero Rocher

And putting your feet up in your PJs in front of the TV!

Afternoon and dinner spent with Dad.

Then home to mum for sweet treats and Downton Abbey.

My favourite Christmas sweet treats.

A cuppa and dessert in front of the fire.

After such a great day my main gift was my amazing family and friends!

For Christmas I got a SMILE!!!!


3 thoughts on “Christmas 2014

    1. Ah thank you for your comment! I’m glad I wasn’t the only one in that position! We together both survived Christmas . . . YAY!!!! Xx

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