Hello 2015!!


Happy New Year everyone!  2014 wasn’t one of my best years but I’m not going to dwell on that, instead I’m looking forward to the year to come and my future!  So I decided to make a couple of New Year pics with some different messages on them, because of course I couldn’t just decide on the one.







This year I’ve also decided not to make any resolutions, I usually do, but this year there are more important things than the odd few goals.  This year I decided to make a wish for myself instead.


I want my physical and mental health to be good and in turn I want to be happy, I will be happy!


However I do aim this year to blog at least once a week, because hands up I know I have neglected my blog!

So far I’ve had a great start to my year though.  I brought in NYE with my bestie in our pjs, with a homemade cocktail and pizza!


The day also started off well in our pjs, watching dinner date, cuddles from Alan (the dog) and brunch made for me by my bestie!


Then we got our butts into gear and took Alan out for a walk by the coast to start off the New Year.

Bangor Marina

Alan and the bestie

Wrapped up well for our walk along the coast.

Home (Ballyholme and Bangor) looking so pretty.

Alan wasn’t having any of that swanning about business!

Or staying still for a selfie

Following the walk with a hot choc and a bite to eat with Dad in The Red Berry.


Finished off by a bubble bath with a rubber duck and a good book



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