Syn free Sunday Roast Dinner


Bit pants this week, I weighed myself this morning and I’ve only lost 1lb,  but I reckon it was because I was eating the wrong cereal bars as my Healthy b (heb).  With that blip I was more determined today to get back on plan!


Brunch was bacon (all fat removed) with scrambled egg and tomato sauce (1syn).

I then headed out and sorted out the weekly shop for my planned meals for the week ahead.  I came home and sorted out tubs of fruit, 2 tubs of tuna pasta salad and a load of veggies for roasting. 


This week I went for aubergine, courgette, red onion, butternut squash and peppers.  I added the vegetables to a roasting tin, seasoned with garlic granules, pepper and mixed herbs, I then sprayed them with fry light and cooked at 200 degrees C for about an hour.


Here they are an hour later.


I had them with my dinner tonight alongside peas, stuffed pork loin (heb), butternut squash chips and a hassle back sweet potato. I have to say all really tasty together! Usually I have to have gravy with the pork but the veg was lovely with it and I didn’t even miss the roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings or gravy!


Here are the butternut squash chips, easy to make, something a little different and carb free! Simply peel your butternut squash, cut into chip shapes and season as you wish.  Today I sprayed them with fry light and tossed them in some garlic granules and cooked at 185 degrees C for about 30mins.


I also told you I made hassle back sweet potatoes.  I came across the recipe online the other day and thought I could adapt it to Slimming World.  I don’t usually like sweet potatoes because I find them that bit too sweet so I wanted to try them this way and see if I could change my mind. Asda at the minute have a bag of small sweet potatoes for 64p on offer.


So what I did was wash the potato well,  cut slices down 3/4 of the way of the potato and sprayed on some fry light.  I think seasoned with a little salt, garlic granules and mixed herbs and rubbed them into each slice.  I then cooked them for about 45 minutes at 185 degrees C.  I was pretty impressed and I’d even maybe put the heat up a little before the end to try and crisp them up a little.


So there you have it an easy syn free roast Sunday dinner! Fingers crossed I lose more weight next week and to keep up with what I’m making and eating you can follow me on instagram @zeejay86


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