Highlight of my day


This was the highlight of my day! It’s hard sometimes not to get caught up with the negatives or difficulties in work, even when you know you are trying your best and know your making a difference.  So today to review the progress of my kids and how far they have come melted my heart,  I am so, so proud of them! They are all like my babies and all I want is the best for them.  

I’m not a qualified teacher but I teach a small group of children as part of my job and have been (unoffically) been teaching for years.  It’s funny when you know you can do it because it reflects in the children and their work, the feedback from parents and other educators.  Yet universities look at paper, as far back as your GCSE’s and say you can’t do it and you aren’t up to it.  So for those of you who that is, don’t worry about it, with experience and opportunities you will find your dream job and you can still teach!

Anyway the quotes above are from one of our volunteers (a retired teacher) I didn’t ask for any feedback on myself but she made sure to tell me!  Makes my job even more worthwhile cos yeah I am a good teacher and I’ll hold up my hands and say that (even if it does make me cringe a little!)

So hold on to your dreams, make the dreams of little people possible by building them up to help them be the person they see in their dream!


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