3 for 2, time for something new!


Check out the goodies I picked up this weekend in Accessorize!


Even cuter when they all come individually wrapped.


Initially I had went in to buy this little beauty, something I promised myself when pay day came around. This is the Shah Jahan Statement Necklace at £17.00.

When I went in I spotted that this weekend it was 3 for 2 so I thought I would treat myself to a few other pieces that caught my eye.


This is the Lucky Treble Row Statement Necklace at £17.00.


And the final statement necklace I chose was the Flower Bobble Necklace at £15.00.

In a separate transaction seeing as I had a few cheaper items and still wanted to go the 3 for 2 and get my money’s worth these are the items I went for.


I loved this Delicate Turq Drop Anklet which will be gorgeous against a tan for £5.00.


I also went for this gold infinity necklace (unfortunately I can’t find it on the website for the link) at £6.00.


Finally in this 3 for 2 I went for this selection of Paradise Eclectic Stud Earrings at £6.00.

Loving my new pieces and I can’t wait to wear them this Spring/Summer! Stay up to date with how and when I wear them on my instagram account @zeejay86


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