Three new bras, a kidney infection and lippy that makes my teeth look yellow


And the longest blog title of pure randomness goes to meeeee!!! Yup it’s been ages guys, I lost my mojo, work took over and my little blog was abandoned.  Amazed when I logged on tonight at how many of you have been checking this out while I’ve been awol!!! 😳

So this was the convo with the bestie. . .


And that’s where today’s random post title comes from! My attempt at getting my mojo back comes from that kinda inspiration!  On a need to know basis I doubt many of you want or need to know so I will indeed try to keep my bodily functions out of any future blogs in the next month. However I may show you my bargain sale bras and shut my mouth and show you the new lippies minus said yellow teeth!

Newho for now I’ll leave you with a little picture from the weekend spent with my niece. . .


She picked me a stone in the shape of a ‘love heart’

And our favourite part of the weekend chilling in the Womb Room (a tent to simulate being back in the womb) for Baby Day in Belfast.

Just click on this link

Keep it random guys cos normal is just boring!!! Xxx

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