Weekend run down


This weekend was a little disappointing for me as I was stuck in sick!  However it did give me plenty of time to work on some of my blog stuff.


I uploaded some new pictures to my instagram account for my blog, followed some bloggers and big thank you to all my new followers! To check it out for yourself and follow me just click this link.


Alongside updating my instagram account I also sent my first couple of snaps and videos to my new followers on my snapchat account.  Again feel free to follow me, just take a snap of the picture above or add me by my username 

Alongside updating my social media I chilled on Saturday night with my mum.


Comfy clothes, fire lit, Yankee candle tartlet burning and we watched the movie Man Up, a perfect Saturday night in!


I had wanted to see Man Up in the cinema but never got round to it, it was really good. A bit like Notting Hill mum and I thought, not the same storyline but the same kind of vibe. One I would definitely recommend for a romcom session!


If you missed it I also shared with everyone my current nail colour.  I’m currently wearing berrylicious by lola a perfect colour for that season change between summer and autumn.  I bought this colour about 3 years ago in Spain and hadn’t worn it in ages (this kind of happens a lot when you have 250+ nail polishes).

*big bonus is that Marks and Spencer are now stocking and selling Lola polish, so keep an eye out and check out this link

Alongside any polish I wear I have to have my trusty top coat!


This top coat from Nails Inc London is one that I live and die by!  I am always recommending this Kensington Caviar Top Coat.  It sets and dries your nails in 45 seconds and leaves your nails with such a shine your nails look like gel. For your own bottle just click this link.


Something new I did pick up in my local co-operative or as we just call it at home co-op was a little bar of their Fair-trade chocolate, which I think was 89p. There were a few to choose from but I went for the Milk Chocolate from Ghana with Toffee and Red Himalayan Salt. Oh my word this was delicious and that’s coming from someone who isn’t a big chocolate fan!!! You may think it looks tiny but it breaks into 8 perfect sized squares and because it is rich, it’s just the right amount to take your time over and enjoy!!


Sunday morning, well more like afternoon, so let’s just call it brunch mum and I decided to have a treat after a couple of days stuck in the house.

*for my snapchatters you will have seen my videos from brunch today, however I also decided to add them to my personal instagram so I could share links here with you. Unfortunately at the minute I can’t figure out how to upload videos to my blog so I will give you all easy links

This was my excitement at trying out both of our home from store treats; Pike Place filter coffee from Starbucks usually £4.50, but we picked it up with a deal in our local Starbucks for a bargain 50p!!! The other little at home do it yourself (never to leave the house again on a Sunday) were 8 All Butter Crossiants, frozen and ready to bake from Marks and Spencer . Unfortunately I have no price for these as mum picked them up a few weeks ago (now can’t remember the price) and when we called in again to find out they were no where to be seen! 😦

Here’s the link for my video click here! And here are the crossiants up close


If you are lucky enough to spot these in your local M&S make sure to snap them up straight away!!!


They look pretty tiny but they do rise so make sure to give them enough space on your baking tray. After 18-20 mins in the oven at 200oC this is what you get , seriously guys I wish I had smell-a-vision!!!!


All perfect and beautifully puffed up and crisp, like you had just bought them from an authentic French Patisserie!


Now we also can’t forget our coffee. Usually I am a fancy sweet coffee drinker but after a one to one taster session in my local Starbucks with one of their fantastic baristas my mind was changed. He also explained where I’d been going wrong with my filter coffee in the past (too much water, not enough coffee and not leaving it long enough) so I was eager to try out my newfound knowledge at home.

*Top tip. . . Slowly plunge your coffee check out how I did it

Again I wish I had smell-a-vision and you could experience this video clip like you where there too coffeeeee!!!


And there we have the full process of Sunday brunch. 100% delicious we would definitely recommend you pick up both the coffee from Starbucks , the all butter croissants from Marks and Spencer and never leave your house on a Sunday morning again!!!


As for tonight I’m sipping away on my cranberry juice, all cosy in my onesie ready to watch Downton and then head to bed. Hope you all had a fabulous weekend whatever you got up to! Xx

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