Always be prepared – Scout motto


Friday night, with one week to go until Amsterdam was spent planning our trip! Eeks we are mega excited, heading off for the bestie’s birthday, her first time and my second we are on a countdown!

Online, advanced bookings

Most of the time when you book in advance and online you get discounts and yup that was the case for us! Unfortunately the only place we couldn’t book in advance was Anne Frank’s House/Museum, so it will mean a bit of queuing on the day, but hey don’t they say the British do queuing the best?

We were able to book the Heineken Factory in advance and saved 2 euro each (doesn’t sound much, but every little helps!). By booking online on the Heineken website you also are able to skip the queues, perfect for those busy days, we paid 16euros each.

The second place we were able to book online and save money with was the House Of Bols where we got a 10% discount, leaving us paying just 13.05 euros each.

Most of the other places we are planning to visit are free or easy enough to just pay at the door.  We’ve written down a few places we want to visit, food we want to eat and restaurants we want to try.  We might even be brave and try renting a bike, and we will definitely do a night and day time canal cruise, not forgetting a visit to the red light district.

Have you been before, is there anywhere you would recommend or tell us to avoid?


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