Little tourists in a big city – Eating out and about in Amsterdam


Amsterdam is one of my favourite places in the world for food! The food tastes delicious, not once have I had one bad meal and I made sure to eat about in lots of different places to test out my theory! Here are a few of the places we visited and I would 100% recommend! These are places we visited in 2015 so prices I share may vary.



One of my absolute favourite places to eat is Maoz Vegetarian, so I had to make sure I took Sarah here!  They do the most delicious falafels in a warmed pitta (either wholemeal or white) and there are a selections of vegetables, salads from their large salad bar to top your pitta with, alongside a range of sauces.  Alongside the falafels you must get the famous Amsterdam food combo of chips and mayo, the perfect match! The falafels in the pitta are around 5 euros and the chips are about 3 euros.


We went to the Maoz closest to Amsterdam Central (Amsterdam train station) and just down from the sex museum, here is how to find it on a map.



Another favourite place I took Sarah to was Gebroeders Niemeijer (a French Artisan Bakery), the first time I visited a few years ago I had a croissant (one of the nicest I have ever had) and this time we went for a flat white and a chocolate macaroon and Sarah went for a pistachio one. Together this was around 7 euros, definitely worth it and such a smooth coffee, my mouth is watering just thinking of this again!

This is the place you are looking for and here is where to find it on the map. You can also check them out on Instagram.



On Friday night we kind of stumbled upon Restaurant Black and Blue, just up from Anne Frank’s House and over the bridge. Sarah and I decided to treat ourselves to a slap up meal and I was looking forward to trying some lobster!


First off though were the cocktails! Sarah went for the Scroppino (on the left), a cocktail made with vodka, lemon sorbet and Prosecco, and I went for the Spritz Aperol (on the right), a cocktail made up from Prosecco, sparkling water and Aperol.


Sarah went for the Crispy Romaine Salad with chicken thighs, a massive serving and there are many different meat toppings you can chose from.


I went for the Whole Lobster from the Charcoal Grill, this came with unlimited chips and salad, which Sarah and I were able to share.


I even got the chance to try out using this scary piece of equipment lol, luckily I think I was able to fake that I knew what I was doing and I didn’t hit anyone up the face with a flying claw!


My first time trying a full lobster and it was beautiful!


The staff were extremely helpful and friendly, they even offered to take this picture for us.


Everything was so well priced and we thought very reasonable, we would have loved to have tried a starter and dessert too, but we were just too stuffed!

This is the restaurant we went to and would 100% recommend! Check out their website where you can download the menu in English, their Facebook, Instagram and their twitter.  Here is where to find them on the map.



On Saturday we wanted to have a look around the Jordaan area of Amsterdam so we went to a local café Moods Corner Cafe for a spot of brunch.

I went for a cheese and ham toasted sandwich with a peach and mango smoothie and Sarah went for a cheese and tomato toasted sandwich with a tea, these worked out about 8 euros each.


However if you are not a cat or animal person this is definitely not the place for you as the café have their own cat that stays indoors and is free to walk around. (Although this may have changed in the 5 years since we visited.)

Here is where to find it on the map if you do fancy some tastey food and don’t mind a cat, oh,  and I recommend the smoothie, so refreshing! If you fancy looking them up on Instagram or their website.



Each year in Belfast we have a Christmas Market and my favourite thing to eat there is the Dutch pancakes, so when I went to Amsterdam a few years ago and seen the numerous pancake shops I was busting to get in and have some of these pancakes.  However the above, so called Dutch pancakes as I knew them are actually called Poffertjes, I have only found them at the markets at a stall and they are usually served with butter and ‘sugar’ (icing sugar).


I went for the 10 poffertjes for 2 euros and just had the icing sugar, so light and fluffy they are made fresh right in front of you.



Unfortunately it rained 70% of the time we were away and it was pretty darn cold, however that meant we had to get one of the amazing Bailey’s hot chocolates from Lunchcafe Dialoog.  Another place I visited a couple of years ago and was extremely happy to see it was still there, basically right beside Anne Frank’s House.  They are 7 euros each, but they are sooo worth it!


Here’s how to find it on the map.


I’m not really a big burger fan but oh my word this burger, I literally devoured it!!!!! I went for the bacon and cheese burger with chips and mayo and an ice cold half pint of Heineken which worked out at just 14 euro from what I can remember.


Cafe Berkhout is literally up and across the road opposite the Heineken Factory, just on the corner of the street.  Perfect for a bite to eat or to sober up a little after the Heineken Experience and not even a five minute walk.  Here it is on the map.


In need of a pick me up on a cold and wet afternoon Sarah and I were in desperate need for a sit down and a treat.  Again we went for macaroons, I went for the Nutella flavour and Sarah went for the caramel.  I also picked up a few more to bring home as they were to die for and only 1 euro 50 each.


Here is where they are on the map if you want to check them out.



On Saturday night I had a major craving for Spaghetti Bolognese, we had a look around a couple of restaurants and  Titus Parrilla had exactly that on their menu.  I went for the spag bol and Sarah went for the carbonara.   Oh this hit the spot, warmed us up (we had just come from the Icebar) and was really filling, the portion size was huge and we actually didn’t manage to finish our bowls.  You can find out where Titus Parrilla is and find it on the  map.



Our last day in Amsterdam we left our cases into the luggage lockers in Amsterdam Central (the train station) and went for a bite to eat.  We were absolutely starved and well the above picture is the only one I got because we were so hungry and the food was yummy in  Prins Heerlijk.

See the source image

The sandwich bar is on the left hand side of the city as you cross the bridge from the train station, here it is on the map.



Later on on the Sunday we went for a sweet treat, Sarah really wanted to try a piece of apple pie/apple cake and we came across Kwekkeboom bakery.  I however went for a chocolate mousse cake with a cappuccino which was not just sweet and moreish but also nice and light.   To find the Kwekkeboom bakery for yourself here is where you can find it on the map.



Julia’s Pasta is based in Amsterdam’s Central Train Station and the pasta is to die for! They cook it all fresh in front of you and there are a range of pastas and flavour combos to choose from.


To find Julia’s Pasta for yourself here is where you can find it on the map. You can also check out their website and Instagram page.


Have you tried any of these places, what did you think?  I hope if you are heading to Amsterdam you try out a few of these restaurants and patisseries for yourself.

3 thoughts on “Little tourists in a big city – Eating out and about in Amsterdam

  1. The food looks amazing, Zane! I’m hoping to visit with a friend (a Sarah too!) next year, will have to try some of these places! Whereabouts did you stay, any recommendations? xx

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