Little tourists in a big city – Say ‘CHEESE’


Everywhere you turn in Amsterdam you will come across a cheese shop or factory, I’m not exaggerating here people, they are everywhere!  This year I only went into a few of the cheese shops, last time I was in them all the time, helped food wise when you are doing Amsterdam on a budget! Why you ask? Well there are mini samples in each shop and such a range of different flavours to try from cumin, herbs, truffle or garlic to nettle.


Haha say cheese to the cheese, sorry for the scary clown like picture, but hey I thought I’d share that stunning look of mine!!!! But don’t worry there are no more horrific pictures, just a few of the different cheese shops/factories.

I just had to take this picture of the cool Halloween/Autumn clog display!

Nettle cheese (strangely good and not what I expected taste wise, was lovely but hard to describe)

Lavender, green pesto and red pesto.  The green pesto is one of my favourites and the red pesto was ok, but oh my word the lavender one I did not like at all, to me it tasted like soap or perfume!

The Cheese Museum actually had one of these mega cute cheese and mouse key-rings

On to the next cheese shop/factory there were more samples, clogs to get a picture in and the history and method of how they make the cheese.


If you get the chance, and I don’t see why you wouldn’t definitely go in and have a taste of the different cheeses.  The smell might be a bit much when you first walk in but that passes and you will enjoy all the different kinds and flavours.

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