Little tourists in a big city – The Heineken Experience


Saturday seen us heading to the Heineken Factory for the Heineken Experience (18euros for each adult and minor over 16).  We pre-booked our tickets before we headed over to Amsterdam and were able to get a 2 euro discount this way from the Ticket bar website.


When you first go in and show/buy your ticket you will get two wrist bands with tokens on them which you can use at the end of the tour to get your free glass/glasses of Heineken.


The tour takes you through a range of different areas, the advertising and history like the picture above


The ingredients they use – at this part you can have a smell of the hops etc



The distillery – there are many copper tanks (sorry probably not the right word) the liquid mixture is put through


See and stir the water and hops together, a real 4D experience where you can see, smell, touch and stir a small amount together


At this point you can have a taste of the wort



Next up you can go through and see the Heineken horses and meet the handlers


On to the ride where you get to experience being the beer



After the ride you go through to the tasting lounge and learn how to drink Heineken properly, find out what to look for and why you need the foam on the top


We loved the dinky glasses we got to try it out in, more like a third of a pint than a half pint


After the tasting you head through to their advertising area showing the different bottle designs they have had over the years and the sporting events they have been associated with.



On to on of the best parts of the tour, the bar at the end for our free drinks


One of your tokens on the wrist band gets you a half pint of Heineken and two tokens gets you an ice cold Heineken.


The final part of the tour is the shop at the end where you can buy endless amounts of merchandise.

This is the second time I have been on the Heineken Experience and I would 100% you take the time out of your holiday to visit, not just for the free drinks at the end lol

Find the factory easily using this map

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