Pamper and preen


Tonight I’ve had my butt whipped into shape at body combat (my first time), so there’s a chance I may not be able to move in the morning! No joke,  I’m actually already feeling the pain!


Once home and soaked in a Radox filled bath it was time to prep and preen, I’ve a wedding party I’ve been invited to tomorrow night (like I need any excuse to pamper mind you!)


I’m trying out a new tan I’ve been sent from Madame La La (keep an eye out for the review), a little facemask from 7th Heaven that I picked up in the chemist and topping up the red polish from Sally Hansen (keep an out for the review).

Hope you’re having a beaut wee night whatever you are up to! Xx

2 thoughts on “Pamper and preen

    1. Sorry for the late reply exercisedailybehappy, I’m only seeing your comment now I have logged into the old style wordpress on my computer! I will most definitely head over to your blog, check it out and follow. xx

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