Enhance those lashes


If you’re anything like me you will no doubt have tried nearly every brand of mascara going to find that look you want for your lashes; think and long, natural and long, but always, no matter what mascara or effect you are looking for, length is always a factor.


You’ve got to love the freebies you get in magazines, this month’s freebie, aka sample in Elle Magazine is a world exclusive, the new Benefit They’re Real Tinted Primer!


This picture should give you a better idea of the size of They’re Real Tinted Primer you receive.  As someone who is perhaps pretty lazy when applying makeup, especially day to day, I tend only to wear a coat of mascara, maybe some eyeliner if I’m pushing out the boat.  So adding another thing to the makeup routine has me a little sceptical, however I was willing to give it a go, you never know I could be pleasantly surprised.


My eye before with no makeup



This is the wand for the primer, lots of bristles for complete coverage


My eye (your left) with the Benefit They’re Real Tinted Primer


On the box they say you can where this either as a primer before applying your mascara or leave it as is without the mascara for a more natural and subtle look


Next I applied my favourite Benefit mascara, the Roller Lash


I have to admit that I really did like the They’re Real Tinted Primer and seen a real difference in the length of my lashes and how easily the Roller Lash mascara went on.  It also helped to separate my lashes when a couple of them clumped because I had put on too much mascara.

100% this is a new item of makeup I’ll be adding to my makeup bag and my morning pamper process; simple and easy to put on with impressive results.

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