Flutter those lashes!


I was recently sent a press pack last week in which I received some stunning fake eyelashes from Threads.  I used to be a real fake lash fiend, but I started to get fed up with the amount of time and effort they took to apply, the expense of them and at times how fragile they are and how they can snap just trying to take them off the plastic packaging.  However you know me always up for a challenge and to try something new I was up for giving them a go, and with a wedding party on a Saturday night I had the ideal opportunity!

wpid-dsc_0039_1.jpg wpid-dsc_0040_1.jpg

I received the Threads Sex Kitten Lashes, retailing at £9.

(I will list at the end of this post the websites you can buy them from)

wpid-img_20151108_212154.jpg wpid-img_20151108_212210.jpg

I have to admit these lashes wouldn’t really be a shape/style I would chose if I was to pick them out myself.


With the pair of lashes you also get a tube of glue.  When I first seen it I did think ‘well this isn’t very good, how am I meant to use it again when you have to snap off the top?’  However at a closer look you turn the top you have just broken off around and it turns into the lid.


Having applied my eye makeup and mascara I was ready to apply the lashes.


They recommend that you measure and trim the lashes to size, however I wasn’t even going to attempt that as I know I would only mess it up and also it was lucky enough that the lashes were a perfect fit.  I tend to apply them to then end of my eye and then I can fill in the inner eye area with eyeliner.


You can also see in this picture that there was a bit of a larger gap at my inner eye, but not to worry it’s easily fixed/hidden.


This is one of my favourite liquid eyeliners as it is so easy to apply, this one is from Be a Bombshell.


As you can see with a touch of liquid eyeliner no one needs to know there was a gap before.



After being unsure about the shape/style I have to say I really loved them on, they really made my eyes pop and they don’t look really fake and OTT!


These are the first set of fake lashes in a long time that I found easy and quick to apply, the glue worked really well and the lashes weren’t lifting, so I didn’t feel like I needed to bring the glue out with me (which always ends up getting lost anyway).  I had loads of compliments on how great my eyes looked and at the end of the night the lashes and glue came off with ease, rather than waking up the next morning with the fake lashes wrecked and half of the glue still caked onto your eyes!

I’m looking forward to my next night out to have them on again, or perhaps I could just wear them out around the supermarket on my weekly shop!

You can purchase Threads Fake Eyelashes from:



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