Back to the familiar


It’s been a while since I’ve treated myself to some nails inc polishes, but on Friday I did, well ok Mr L treated me to a new colour.  Yes I may have 250 polishes +, but I didn’t have this colour . . . honestly not even one like it!


The new colour I went for was Gloucester Crescent, a kind of blue/grey colour and retailing at £14 in store.


This polish (which I can’t seem to find on the nails inc website) has an additional superfood boost; with sweet almond oil and matcha for nail wellness.


I don’t know if it was these added oils or perhaps the fact it’s a new polish, but I found that it glided onto my nails perfectly with one coat.  Each coat dried well and I only needed two coats with a top coat of the 45 second Top Coat with Kensington Caviar retailing at £15.


I absolutely love this colour, and I think the fact I didn’t add any nail art or statement nails shows that, I also think it would look good in matte (I’ll try and do this later in the week or next week and show you all).


You can also see from this picture that depending on the lighting it looks a slightly different colour/shade.


In my opinion this is the perfect shade for that slow transition between Winter and Spring.


When the weather brings you storms, find yourself a tea cup


After a crazy and busy week, I finally had a Friday off, as did Mr L . . . YAY!!! We had planned we would head up to the Gruffalo Trail at Colin Glen, pick up a sandwich on the way from the Sunflower Sandwich Bar and then head on to a random road trip of ‘go left’ and ‘go rights’.  However our plans quickly changed when Storm Gertrude hit on Thursday night leaving fallen trees everywhere and properly horrible weather!


You can’t really complain when your plans change though when you get to have a fun filled random day and you get to show your man some of your favourite places, and explore some new places together!  After finally climbing out of bed and attempting to clean my car (we got half way there before the rain hit, p.s. no surprise but this was his idea, not mine), we headed down to The Starfish at Cairn Bay Lodge.  Just round the bay from my house, we had planned to walk along the esplanade and check out the beach in the storm, but oh it was FAR to cold, so the car was called for!


This is one of my favourite places to eat, (I keep it as my treat place) as the food is delicious, fresh and healthy and I love the décor; inside and out!


Talking about the food this is what we had, don’t worry though, I (of course) took more photos and I’ll tell you more about what we had.


Mr L went for the French toast with banana, bacon, maple syrup and vanilla mascarpone.  A little hesitant at the start, never having had banana cooked this way and not sure about the mascarpone (as he doesn’t like creamy things) he absolutely loved this, especially the mascarpone, Starfish you have converted him!!!


I went for the crushed avocado on sourdough with chorizo jam, topped with a crispy fried duck egg.  This was delicious!  It was perfect for my obsession with crushed avocado at the minute, it was my first time trying a duck egg (which I really liked, but what is the difference, bar that it comes from a duck? because I didn’t taste the difference).  I wasn’t able to eat all the chorizo jam, it was so tasty, but a little rich for me, although that wouldn’t stop me from ordering it again.


We finished it off with something sweet.  I picked these as I love them and wanted Mr L to give them a try, a millionaire square and chocolate and beetroot cake (the beetroot seemed a bit weird to him, but like I told him you can’t taste it at all, it just leaves the cake really moist and light).  He tried both and really liked them, but in the end he ended up eating most of the millionaire square and I stuck to the chocolate and beetroot cake, oh and we both went for a latte.


I got mine to take away, just so I could stay warm when we left and well 90% because I loved the cup, seriously too cute!!!!


Like seriously, look at this!!!!


All wrapped up and with the winter sun blaring we headed off on a random drive and to check out what this storm was all about!


‘Let’s keep driving down this random road and see where it goes . . . it looks like we are going to drive into the sea . . . Yeah that’s because I think we are!  Sure I’ll just drive round here and see where it goes!’  Total randomness and pure panic from me because I thought we were going to get stuck.  Mr L had it sorted though as always with his good driving (it’s ok I can say this without him getting a big head 🙂 because he doesn’t read my blog).


After our drive we decided to go into town for a bit of shopping and a wander.  We ended up back in The Cathedral Quarter and got a good look at the amazing art and of course some photos.


This amazing art was created by Ciaran Gallagher Arts and you can find it opposite The Duke of York bar.


After a bit of shopping I introduced Mr L to a Boojum, scoring a 10/10 again on the food choice, yup I think I’m turning him into a bit of a foodie! We actually have a list of places we want to try . . .


We finished off our random, yet perfect and fun day with a wander past City Hall!

Starbucks Coconut Milk Latte


Today on the way home from work I thought I’d give Starbucks new coconut milk latte a whirl.  I went for a grande (medium) one to take away for £2.60, it was only when I got to the car I realised I’d forgotten to add sugar.

However when I tasted it I found it sweet enough. I also found it a but watery tasting or weak compared to the usual latte (made with milk).  It wasn’t terrible but I didn’t end up drinking the full thing.  I looked up the calorie difference and yes if I was trying to keep my calories down I’d pick the coconut milk latte as it’s only 110 calories, rather than the normal latte at 190 calories.  However perhaps I would need to try the coconut milk with different coffees, maybe the caramel macchiatto.


Have you tried the new drink, what do you make of the coconut milk latte from Starbucks?

Mum and daughter date


Today I introduced mum to General Merchants on the Newtownards Road, East Belfast.


This week has been crazy with work for both of us and it’s been a while since we’ve both had a day out together so we decided to start with a spot of lunch.


Mum went for the B.A.L.T. – bacon, avocado, lettuce and tomato on a seeded bagel. She’s not a avocado fan but really enjoyed this and said she would have it again.


I went for the Melbourne Breakfast – toasted sourdough with vegemite, avocado, capers, lemon, parsley, seeds and onion with poached eggs and then I added a side of bacon.  Avocado like this is definitely my new favourite thing.


I had told mum how delicious the sweet treats were too so of course we had to treat ourselves and indulge.


Mum went for a decaf cappuccino with one of the chocolate and Guinness mini cakes (this one is my favourite), delicious and moist with a hint of Guinness in the chocolate taste.


I went for a tea with the chocolate and peanut mini cake. This was also really tastey, no way could I have eaten a whole one though as I found it very sweet.  Mum and I went half each on our cakes so this wasn’t a problem.

All together our lunch costed £27.60, not too bad for a one of treat and some delicious food. We will definitely be back, even just for the coffee and sweet treats.

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Skin SOS


I’ve upped my water intake and removing my makeup each night and trying to go days makeup free, but my skin is still pants. I have to admit it’s cleared up a little but my worse point pain and most eye catching wise is the dry and broken skin around my nose. 


It looks like I’ve had the cold, yet I haven’t.  I’ve been applying vaseline which has just brought me out in spots in the area.  I try to hide it with makeup which only dries it out and makes it worse, so I’m going to give this organic extra virgin coconut oil from the groovy food company.

I’ll let you know how I get on and let me know if you have any tips for my really combination skin at the minute please, I need all the help I can get!!

Date night


Sometimes a mid-week (ok nearly mid-week) date night is all you need to get you through the week.  A reason to make sure I left work on time (yes I’ve become a work-a-holic!) we met up and headed for a coffee and to decide what we were actually doing.


Little cinema session first – Daddy’s Home, this was actually pretty good, one we could switch off to and have a laugh.


Busting for some food we headed to Yardbird in The Dirty Onion somewhere I had wanted to introduce Mr L to and Oh what a feed. As always I love it and alongside my chicken I just had to get my favourite EVER salad, (yes I did say salad) the avocado salad with a gazpacho dressing, seriously to die for! And it was a total hit so it’s made our ‘Places we like and will go back to list’.


Deciding we needed to walk off our feed we went for a wander around the Cathedral Quarter (Belfast) and of course snapped some pictures.  This one is The Duke of York, Commercial Court.


This is another part of The Duke of York, Commercial Court, it’s just on your right hand side if you walk up under the right lights.


Right now I’m home to bed, an early start tomorrow.

Nite x

Winner, winner, what a dinner!


This new year I’ve decided to go back to the 5:2 diet and really try my best to stick to it. I’m not pushing myself to really lose weight or weighing myself all the time, but I’m aiming to stick to 600 cals 2 days a week and then 1,690 the other 5 days.  I’ve been lazy when it comes to my fast days and end up buying the Marks and Spencer Balanced for You range, they are on offer at the minute, save me time cooking, taste amazing and are full of all the nutrients I need.

However this week with the days dragged out until pay day and an impromptu fast day (date night tomorrow) I ended up making my own dinner.  I know it’s not a big thing, I usually make my own meals from scratch but when you haven’t eaten all day it’s the longest time EVER!


Yesterday if any of you seen on the blog was a big brunch of bacon, poached eggs and avocado with chilli, lime and coriander on toast.  I was actually really impressed with my first attempt as it tasted good and really filled me.  So with a couple of tweeks to lower the calories I made it again for dinner tonight.


Tonight I went for mushrooms, two medium poached eggs, three rashers of grilled  bacon, and the avocado mix on toasted bread which I cut in half to go further. I really don’t know if it’s a mind over matter thing or what, but I find cutting my food into smaller pieces and/or putting it on a smaller plate makes all the difference when it comes to feeling full.

For the avocado mix on the toast I mashed up half an avocado and added a small amount of chopped fresh chilli, chopped coriander and a squeeze of lime juice.


I didn’t add in the calories for the chilli because I basically used the tiniest amount, I am a total wimp!

If anyone is looking for a low calorie meal, which is quick and easy to make, I would definitely recommend this!