Date night


Sometimes a mid-week (ok nearly mid-week) date night is all you need to get you through the week.  A reason to make sure I left work on time (yes I’ve become a work-a-holic!) we met up and headed for a coffee and to decide what we were actually doing.


Little cinema session first – Daddy’s Home, this was actually pretty good, one we could switch off to and have a laugh.


Busting for some food we headed to Yardbird in The Dirty Onion somewhere I had wanted to introduce Mr L to and Oh what a feed. As always I love it and alongside my chicken I just had to get my favourite EVER salad, (yes I did say salad) the avocado salad with a gazpacho dressing, seriously to die for! And it was a total hit so it’s made our ‘Places we like and will go back to list’.


Deciding we needed to walk off our feed we went for a wander around the Cathedral Quarter (Belfast) and of course snapped some pictures.  This one is The Duke of York, Commercial Court.


This is another part of The Duke of York, Commercial Court, it’s just on your right hand side if you walk up under the right lights.


Right now I’m home to bed, an early start tomorrow.

Nite x

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