fabulous at fifty


Yesterday was the birthday of one of my really good friends, and Saturday night was her party and oh my word was my head sore today, but I had such a good time!


A night filled with cocktails, laughter and cake.  With her son Theo (a trained Mixologist) on cocktail duty, the drinks were most definitely flowing . . .


This was my first time having a Midori Sour and it was delicious, I will definitely be ordering it again, reminded me of being on holiday, a summer drink, so refreshing.


Next up was another new cocktail for me, a White Russian.


The bonus when you are in the comfort of someone’s house and you have a Mixologist catering to your every need is that you can ask for your drink to have a bit of a twist, or be altered.  The first White Russian I tried I found too strong so asked for mine to have less vodka and more Kahula.


Next up I went for a lighter cocktail and one I know and like, the Woo Woo, so easy to drink and refreshing.


After the Woo Woo, I asked for a surprise cocktail and got this Straight Up Daiquiri, oh boy was this strong, even watered down with a bit of ice this cocktail didn’t weaken once.  Definitely one to have if you need warmed up on a cold night, as for me I think I might just stick to the frozen, flavoured ones.


As the night went on the birthday girl had to take a shot for every ten years, so I joined her for her final shot for the night.  Her shot was the Brain Hemorrhage and I had a B54, mine was delicious I have to say!


Again with the bonus of having your own Mixologist I was able to create my own cocktail.  I asked could I have one made up with cranberry juice, peach schnapps, lime juice and Midori.  The hardest bit was picking the name lol; I went for The Sweet Zane.  Deliciously sweet and reminding me of something you would drink by the pool on holiday this was to die for. A bit of a silent killer, altogether 40% proof, packing quite the punch, yet so easy to drink and my favourite part; the sugared rim.


Initially we weren’t sure what colour the cocktail would turn out, thankfully though it wasn’t ‘pond water brown’, but instead a nice light orange.  With a bit more thinking we wanted to create perhaps a sunset version.


Which brings us on nicely to the Sweet Zane Sunset, the same mix but with a hint of Grenadine in the bottom of the glass and some more lime just to balance it out.  Another perfect summer holiday by the pool cocktail!


And how else to finish off a birthday party, but of course a party bag!  Filled with balloons, party popper, chap stick/lip balm, paracetamol, candy sticks, Sherbet fountain, dried apple with sultanas and a party blower!


All in all a fabulous night and I don’t think I’ll ever enjoy a night out as much again without my own, personal Mixologist.

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