oh la la

This post has been one in the making for months!  Every time I have gone to post something has come up, whether it be the fact I’ve tanned up and not been able to get pictures because I’ve been unwell or because I’ve had no chance to get it on.  At last though I can finally and happily say here is my review!


Back in November I was sent some Madame la la tan in a press release.  Like I said this review has been a work in progress so please excuse the various different pictures and hair colours.

Let me give you the low down from Madame la la themselves . . .

‘Madame LA LA is a new American-Brit self tan and skincare brand inspired by LA, Malibu beach, the Hollywood lifestyle, wellbeing, slimming and of course, the anti-ageing rule! The brand also takes inspiration from the French and British sense of design, fashion and culture. Think independent Parisian pharmacies, London street-style and high end LA boutiques.

Madame LA LA promotes an individual approach to combining unique ingredients for a targeted skincare experience exclusive to your needs, with a focus on tanning, slimming and the body. The first two products in the range are Madame LA LA Tan and Madame LA LA Tan LIGHT. Both products are a ‘dynamic do-all’ face and body tan, infused with a Hollywood must have Coco Water.

Madame LA LA is the first beauty brand to launch a DD self tan and also the first to recognise the benefits of Coco Water within skincare. The ‘dynamic do-all’ hydrating and detoxing self tan mousse combines many natural anti-ageing ingredients such as Aloe, Green Tea and Vitamin E to ensure a long lasting natural tan and glowing skin that is well cared for.

Madame LA LA Tan provides an instant year-round LA look that develops quickly and fades naturally, with smoothing and skin finishing benefits to compliment an iconic sun-kissed glow all the way from LA LA LAND. The combination of ingredients enables the quick-dry tan to instantly colour correct like a CC for the body, reducing the appearance of cellulite, lumps, bumps and uneven skin tones. The tan is a streak-free modern formulation and a natural successor to BB & CC creams.’


This is just one pump of the ‘holiday smelling’ fake tan (a delicious smell of coconut and that sun lotion smell, which instantly makes you think you’re on holiday).  Initially I was really impressed by how much tan you got with just one pump and the ‘holiday smell’.

The tan went on with ease, I only needed one pump for each arm and two pumps for my legs.  As soon as I applied it I could feel it moisturising my skin, within a couple of minutes it had dried in and already it was a gorgeous colour.  I decided I would put it on before bed and shower it off in the morning, nothing to do with the development time (it completely develops in 3hours), just me being lazy.


This is me showered off the next day, a stunning colour, smelt great and can I say just look at my hands! Usually my hands are the worst bits to tan, always patchy looking, but not this time.


And here I am heading out last weekend with a 100% natural looking tan


Here is a better, up close look.  P.S. as someone who would come out in spots on my face with some fake tans, this one left my skin in great condition.

With very little tlc (i.e. moisturising) this was my tan after a week, with it being winter and my skin drying out I really should have been taking more care of it and I would have got longer out of the tan, but you can’t complain after a week of fabulous colour.

So where can you get yourself some?

1 – Madame la la – on their website – retailing at £30

2 – look fantastic – retailing at £30

3 – feel unique – on sale at £25.20

You can also find Madame La La on facebook

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