for her


Looking for the perfect gift this Valentine’s for your other half?  I’ve selected a few of my favourite gifts that have caught my eye and range in prices.  And for any of you girls out there, this is the perfect post to share with your other half to drop some not so subtle hints! 


Valentine's Goody Bag

Valentine’s Goody Bag£18Hotel Chocolat

Valentine's Pick Me Up

Valentine’s Pick Me Up£12Hotel Chocolat

Heart Lick Lollies£2.50Hotel Chocolat

Nudge Nudge - Caramel Chocolate

Nudge Nudge – Caramel Chocolate£2.50Hotel Chocolat

Wink Wink - Dark Chocolate

Wink Wink – Dark Chocolate£2.50Hotel Chocolat

Milk Chocolate Precious Heart

Milk Chocolate Precious Heart £7.50Hotel Chocolat


Personalised Russian Ring Necklace

Personalised Russian Ring Necklace£75not on the high street

Spinning 'I Love You' Pendant

Spinning ‘I Love You’ Pendant£60not on the high street

'Hello Beautiful' Wire Wall Plaque

‘Hello Beautiful’ Wire Wall Plaque£55not on the high street

Valentines 'You Complete Me' Doughnut Biscuits

Valentines ‘You Complete Me’ Doughnut Biscuits£9.50not on the high street

Valentine's Day Tea Card

Valentine’s Day Tea Card£7.75not on the high street

'Perfect Match' Box Of Matchstick Biscuits

‘Perfect Match’ Box Of Matchstick Biscuits£10not on the high street

Valentine's Day Robot Couple Chocolates

Valentine’s Day Robot Couple Chocolates£10not on the high street

Spotty China Letter Mug

Spotty China Letter Mug£13.95not on the high street

A4 Customisable Cinema Lightbox

A4 Customisable Cinema Lightbox£39.95not on the high street

Personalised Cat Lady Mug

Personalised Cat Lady Mug £12.50not on the high street

Personalised Adult Baking Kit

Personalised Adult Baking Kit£19.99not on the high street

Personalised Scarf

Personalised Scarf£39not on the high street

Personalised Flamingos In Love Socks

Personalised Flamingos In Love Socks£15not on the high street

Hot Lips Chocolate Valentine Lolly

Hot Lips Chocolate Valentine Lolly£3.95not on the high street



‘Lots of Love’ Box£27.95Lush Cosmetics

‘Roses All The Way’ Soap£4.25Lush Cosmetics

Prince Charming Shower Gel£4.95Lush Cosmetics


‘Love and Kisses’ Gift Box£45.95Lush Cosmetics


‘Love Potion’ Massage Bar£7.25Lush Cosmetics

‘The Kiss’ Lip Gloss£5.95Lush Cosmetics

sex N shower

‘Sex N The Shower’ Emotibomb£3.00Lush Cosmetics

‘The Kiss’ Lip Scrub£5.50Lush Cosmetics


‘Two Hearts’ Gift Box£13.95Lush Cosmetics

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