For our non Valentine’s Day present the boy promised me a trip to Five Guys.  When I first heard of it opening in Belfast I was really excited to try it, probably because of the hype, but also because I’ve heard such great reviews from my cousin who goes to it in Birmingham.  However when I seen the prices for a simple burger, chip and drink it put me off and had said no I’m refusing to pay those prices.  This is what lead to the boy saying about taking me as a non Valentine’s Day present.


Last night was the night we decided to go, thinking and expecting big things but all I can say is we were both really disappointed.  In my opinion the best thing was the free refills of drinks.  The burgers were pretty standard, I’ve had better in Mc Donalds! I went for a bacon cheese burger and I was like Oh the bacon is actually crunchy, this is good, but after a few bites it wasn’t that nice and so salty.  This is coming from someone who loves salt, I put loads of salt on EVERYTHING, but both the burger (from the bacon) and the chips were so salty I couldn’t finish either, no wonder they do the free refills!

After eating we both felt so ugh and were incredibly bloated, these are two people who won’t be back, nevermind the £28 pricetag but a really disappointing and unsatisfying meal.

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