Host your own Jamberry Party

youlikefreeandcutenailsHosting a Jamberry Party can be so much fun! You get to share your love of Jamberry nail wraps, we post/show pictures of amazing manicures that women are doing, play games and oh, yeah– you earn hostess rewards!

Each month, Jamberry offers its hostesses an Exclusive nail wrap design that can be earned only when you host a Jamberry party. And depending on the success of your party, you can earn up to 3 exclusive designs! These are amazing designs that aren’t available to buy, they can only be earned when you host a party!!





You aren’t in it alone, as your consultant I  help you to plan and host your party. You can pick the venue for your event – online on Facebook or in your home, you can choose the games we play, and you can even have a say in how long you want your party to run! I am at your disposal in making your party the best it can be. Alongside sharing our love of these fantastic wraps and having fun with your friends Jamberry’s hostess rewards are amazing.  They really do offer some of the best Hostess Rewards versus other party company businesses.


Party Points are the equivalent to the amount of money spent – 150 points = £150 so if you have people buying £150 worth of wraps then you receive 150 points and then as you can see in the chart above you’ll get £13 product credit, half-off (half price) on 1 item and 10% discount on host order.  The more items sold at your party and the more money spent, the more points you receive and discounts you get.  Not forgetting your free Exclusive nail wrap design when you reach 100 points.


Let’s find out more about the Jamberry Parties you can host –


Facebook parties are a great wait to share Jamberry with your friends and family if most of them are spread out around the country and therefore can’t come to your home! At this stage we can decide how long you want your party to run for . . . a few hours, a weekend?


Then a couple of days before your party is set to start, I recommend posting on your PERSONAL page, and letting all your friends know that you will be having a Jamberry party! This gives them a heads up and ensures that they keep their eyes open for an invite.

You could say something along the lines of this: Hey Everyone! A couple of days from now I’m going to be having a Jamberry party right here on Facebook! I’ve discovered these amazing nail wraps called Jamberry nails, and I just know that you all will love them too! Please keep an eye out for an invite over the next few days to an event where we can all learn about how AMAZING Jamberry is!  In the meantime, have a look at all the amazing designs on the website! There’s literally something for everyone, no matter what your style or personality. (Insert the link that I send to you here.) I hope you all can make it! It’s going to be really fun, quick and easy and did I mention you don’t even need to leave the house!


See how easy that is? Your friends will see your enthusiasm and know ahead of time they will be getting an invite, and it just helps build up the anticipation. At this point, I will be creating an event or a group for your party, and I’ll send you an invite the day before and make you a host!

13043340_10153456532452021_3899264922836506473_nBefore you invite everyone, be sure to post a welcome message! I post one too, but they don’t know me, and of course, I’m selling them a product, so the more welcoming and enthusiastic you are, the more excited they will be too! You can post this the night before your party starts or the morning of, just make sure you do it before inviting your friends.


The morning that your party starts, send out those invites! Typically, I recommend inviting around 50 – 100 guests. Don’t worry about who you think will buy, and who you think won’t, just invite anyone that you want to tell about Jamberry! Sometimes the ones we think won’t buy end up placing the biggest orders and the ones we think will love it just aren’t interested. Even if it’s someone you haven’t talked to in a while, but you think they would enjoy the product, send them an invite. The more the merrier!

After sending the invites to everyone, it helps to send out a personal message to those you are close to (think family and best friends) and those that you really think should check this product out. I stress personal, because that goes a long way! Anyone who RSVP’s yes or maybe, and anyone who is liking and commenting on posts and seems to be even a little interested, those are the ones that you really want to keep in touch with during the whole week, and see if they have questions. The more involved and excited you are, the more likely your party will bring in more orders, which means more rewards for you! So keep it personal!


Depending on how long we’ve decided your party will last, I will post about 2-3 times a day. I cover everything from application and removal, to cost and going over all the products that we offer!


I always do one big giveaway that your guests can earn points towards throughout the party, as well as some smaller giveaways. We want everyone to be commenting and liking and asking questions, so at least once a day I will have a post that is meant to be very interactive.

One night during your party (whichever works best for you) we will do a LIVE event! This will last about 45 minutes, and it will just be a time when I will be active on the page, and we will invite everyone to be on at that time as well. This is where I can interact more with everyone in real time, as well as go over everything they need to know about Jamberry, as well as answer any questions they have. Anyone who attends will be able to earn points and be entered for a special giveaway!


The best advice I can give you is be interacting and enthusiastic! You should be posting about once a day as well, or at least jumping on and commenting on my posts. Your guests want to hear from YOU! What do you love about the product, why do you think it’s so amazing, why should they try it out. Post photos of the Jams you are wearing so they can see them! Tell them how easy it was to apply and how fast you did it. Take another photo and post it at the end of the week so they can see how well they have help up! I’m just a sales rep hoping they buy what I sell (that’s how they see me) but YOU are someone they know and trust and when they see your excitement, they will get excited (it’s infectious, trust me)!


As the party draws to a close, I’ll be reminding everyone to get their orders in, and it helps once again, if you send out personal messages to those who have shown any sort of interest. Just remind them that the party is closing and to get their orders placed or to me. I offer a few more incentives and do a few little giveaways most of the time towards the end hoping to get a few last minute orders in 🙂 And that’s about it!




You and I (your Jamberry Consultant) work together to choose a date and time, then you invite your friends, family and neighbours.


Any food, decorations and beverages you want to offer are totally up to you.

During the party, you get to be the hostess with the mostess, while I will demonstrate the application process and individually help your guests try samples.

I will play a couple of short games and hand out a couple of prizes to your guests!

Unlike other girls night parties, this party will only need the attention of all of your guests at the same time, for about 15-20 minutes.  Then they can go back to cocktails and chatting!


  1. How will I know what rewards I have earned? – As soon as I close your party, I will let you know the final sale amount and what rewards you have earned!
  2. How soon can I redeem my rewards? – You can redeem your rewards as soon as your party closes, you will have 5 days from closing to redeem them.
  3. Can my rewards be combined? – No you can’t combine any of your rewards together unfortunately.  For example if you have £5 in product credit left over, you can’t take £5 off one product and then use the half off code on the same product.
  4. Can I use some rewards now, and save the rest?  – No, only one hostess rewards order can be placed, you don’t have to use all of your rewards if you don’t want to, but anything you don’t use, you will unfortunately lose.
  5. Can I use the BUY 3 GET 1 FREE offer with my hostess rewards? – No, that offer can’t be combined with the hostess rewards.

Hosting a party costs you nothing, is super fun, and I do most of the work! So what are you waiting for? Sign up and host a party and add my name ZANE FRASER as your consultant or for more information contact me

Email –




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