My October Essentials

October is the start of one of my favourite times of the year, it’s the start of Autumn then heading into Halloween, Winter and Christmas. So I’m still on mission to swap my wardrobe over from season to season, but my hair and skin essentials are already there! So let me share with you my October Essentials. . . 

First of this is the one thing I cannot live without, I’m utterly obsessed!!! It smells amazing (I love coconut) and reminds me of the long summer days, plus it does amazing things to my hair.

After I decided, basically over night that I wanted to go back to being grey again, I kinda went a bit crazy and started bleaching my hair.  Which everyone knows isn’t good for it, but hey when has that ever stopped anyone?!? So with my hair all dried out and frizzy I headed to Boots to find something, anything that might save my hair.  And wah-la I found my Coco Loco Coconut Spritz and believe me when I get paid I’ll be investing in more of Lee Stafford’s Coco Loco products and spoiling my hair.

Another Lee Stafford product I picked up to save my hair was this Bleach Blondes Golden Girl Oil and I tend to use it more during the day as a de-frizzer.

As for my skin I’ve been using No7 Micellar Cleansing Water to remove my makeup and day and night. It’s great on my skin and super easy to apply just with a cotton pad, so I can be lazy and do it in bed, rather than a full routine in front of the mirror over the sink.

Followed up by No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream again day and night to keep my skin as moisturised as possible.

As for my lips I’m using the new scent/flavoured Peach and Mango Carmex Lip Balm I picked up in Superdrug, it’s another reminder of the summer flavours and smells and doesn’t have that same tingle as Carmex usually does.

Finally my latest obsession especially for these colder months is tea and not just your regular tea but Twinings Pomegranate White Tea.  Really refreshing and not too fruity, something different when I want a light tea taste without milk.

What are your new season essentials? I know for sure I will need to get myself some eye drops to moisturise my eyes now that I’ll have the heating on in the car.  Can any of you guys recommend any? I’d probably need ones I could use when I’m wearing my contact lenses too.

Help please! Xx 

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