Mmm, delicious!


Check out these amazingly delicious sweet treats I picked up on Saturday!

After spotting their Facebook post I made sure that Layer Cake in Lisburn was on our to do list for Saturday, even if the other half thought I was mad driving Lurgan to Lisburn, back to Lurgan and home later to Bangor.


They have been on my wish list to visit for ages after seeing so many delicious pictures on Facebook and Instagram and with rave reviews from one of my best friends.


The minute you walk through the door you are greeted with the smell of sweet treats and baking, the smells alone are enough to send your taste buds into over drive and your mouth starts to water.  Then as you walk through the shop passing all the fabulous baking utensils and decorations (I didn’t look too closely at these as I knew if I spotted something I loved I wouldn’t be able to resist!) straight ahead you spot the many scrummy baked goods!


100% walking in, this is just my kind of shop. The things I love, the different ideas and the kind of cupcakes (both looks and flavours) I’d bake myself.


Out of everything there was on offer it was a hard choice to just pick these 6.  I definitely wanted to try the Malteser Rocky Roads, as did my Mum, so they were first choice, then it was what cupcakes to go for.  It ended up being Toffee Popcorn, Rolo with toffee filling, Malteser and Kinder Bueno.


To add to the cutest and kitch factor just look at the cupcake box!  Don’t know what I am going to with it, but I’m keeping the box as it’s just way too pretty to throw away!  Can you believe it all that beauty and tastiness for £8, what a steal!

Then it came to the taste test, so many times in the past i have bought delicious looking and smelling cupcakes and tray bakes and they have been dry, tasteless or both.  But this was not the case with the Layer Cake baked goods. Fresh, moist and you could taste the flavours without them being overwhelming or artificial.


The Malteser Rocky Road and Kinder Bueno cupcake had to be my favourites.  I will definitely be back to try more of their flavours and next time I will take a proper look at the baking goods they sell; this has given me the urge to get my baking apron back on again.

So if you are passing by, wanting some delicious goodies or wanting a cake to celebrate a special occasion be sure to give Layer Cake a try.  Or if you are reading from afar, check out their Facebook and Instagram pages to drool over their amazing talents!

Have you been yourself, or do you have your favourite place for baked goods?

Share with me, I’d love to see them to either try them out or get inspiration!

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