Kinda, sorta free 

I say kinda, sorta free because well our lunch on Friday worked out at only the cost of our drinks and a few pounds more because we boosted our clubcard vouchers.  It wasn’t until around Autumn time I first did this, never thinking I would have enough and to be honest with only a couple of restuarants in Northern Ireland to chose from I didn’t see the point.

However when I realised Zizzi Italian was opening over here in Belfast in Victoria Square and was a Tesco Clubcard Booster option I was over the moon.  I had eaten in their restaurant in Inverness and then in Belfast when it first opened with my Dad.

This time though it was mine and mum’s turn. We were heading up to town for the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade and some shopping, so decided to book a table for lunch.  Initially I couldn’t get in contact over the phone so went onto the Zizzi website and booked that way. Something that was a lot quicker and easier than I had thought.

My £10 of clubcard vouchers boosted to £40 of food vouchers for the Zizzi restaurant which was sent through to my email address. These can be used only on food, NOT drinks.  But once you pay your bill with the vouchers you can then pay the remaining balance whatever way you wish.



First off we ordered drinks, mum went for a white wine and I went for a cocktail; the Pink G&T – Handcrafted gin with tonic, strawberry purée, cucumber, mint, fresh raspberries & rosemary.


We then ordered a starter to share. Fonduta Formaggi; a melting pot of gorgonzola, gruyere and pecorino cheese with ‘little soul breads’ for dipping.


For mains, mum when for the Rustica Margarita Pizza with the added torn chargrilled chicken topping.

I went for the Spaghetti Bolognese and we shared some ‘little soul’ breads.


Mum went for the Tiramisu.

I went for a trio of ice creams with salted caramel sauce.

  • Coconut and chocolate ripple
  • Pistachio and hazelnut
  • Chocolate

Our verdict

Our dinner and the service (especially from Kris our server) was fantastic and mum loved Zizzi too. We will definitely be back, vouchers or not. I would 100% recommend Zizzi hands down for fresh and authentic Italian food!


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