First week in the life of a 31 year old


My first week of being 31 years old, I have to say has been a good one!  Let me give you a round up . . .

Number one


Monday 20th March was my birthday and it was the most unbirthday birthday I have ever had, but that is just how I wanted it and liked it.  Pretty much it was a Monday like any other, work all day and no birthday fuss.  The best part of Monday was wearing my new shoes!

Number two


Yes you might recognise them from my previous post Window Shopping, I fell in love with them so much I just had to buy them in Stradivarius.

‘Life is too short to wear boring shoes!’

I teamed them with navy leggings and one of my favourite denim embroidered shirts.

Number three


Wednesday I had a doctors appointment for my ribs (12 weeks to heal, not the news I was hoping for), anyway, surprisingly the traffic was really light to I arrived down with 40 minutes to kill before my appointment time. So I decided to treat myself to a coffee and traybake (I had had a pretty tough day) from two local businesses; Coffee Cure and new Artisan Bakery in the town Sprinkles and Crumbs.  I’m not going to give too much away just now as I have a future post planned, but I will say they were delicious and totally hit the spot!

Number four


OK, maybe I’m sad, but yes a highlight of my week was picking up some new Batise dry shampoo from Tesco.  I picked these up on a 3 for 2 offer, these are some of the scents I love and I was looking to try out the ‘Heavenly Volume‘.  Note to you all, you don’t need as much of the heavenly volume as you might apply of the normal dry shampoos, I learnt this the hard way, hair like a bird’s nest if I tell you the truth. It definitely does what it says on the tin!

Number five


The nails got a revamp.  I had infills for my acrylic nails and this time round I showed the fabulous Lorriane from Beauty N Lurgan a few of the ideas I liked and told her to decide what she wanted to do.  Nude-pink gel polish over the acrylic on my nails with a glitter detail on my ring finger.  This is one thing, without fail I treat myself to, I don’t often get my hair done or spoil myself with beauty treatments, but for me my nails are a must and I get about 6-8 weeks out of them.

Number six


I baked for the first time in ages, taking inspiration from Layer Cake who featured in my post Mmm, delicious!. I loved their Malteeser  Rocky Roads so thought I would have a go at making an Easter themed recipe with Kinder Bueno mini eggs.  I was planning to share it with you all but after tasting it I think there is something missing and being the perfectionist that I am, I don’t want to share something pants!

Number seven


Saturday night was birthday dinner out with some of my girls.  Maybe dare I say it I have grown up slightly and gone are the days of drinking like a fish, getting all dolled up and spending a fortune on a night out.  This year it was all about good food, good drinks and good company!  We headed to the newly revamped AVA Bistro, again I’m not going to say too much as they are going to be featured in an upcoming post in more detail.  All I will say was that the food and drinks were delicious and the company was fabulous!

With any birthday celebration an outfit is a must.  I had been hunting everywhere for a new top for the occasion and between not seeing anything I liked or what I did like being a weird shape on I had given up.  It had got to the stage where I had a hunt through the sale rails (very rarely do I ever seem to have any luck here) and by chance I came across this ruffled soft denim shirt by M&S Collection from Marks and Spencer down to £16.  I’ve been wanting a ruffled one for a while, but never found one to fit or sit nicely over my rather big boobs.  So I was so happy when I tried this one on and it both looked and felt comfy!  I teamed my new shirt with a pair of statement earrings (can’t remember where from I’ve had them ages), my skinny denim jeans again from M&S Collection with a pair of stiletto nude shoes, which I love, haven’t worn in ages and despite having for years are in perfect condition!

Number eight 


Last, but not least I have spent my Sunday celebrating Mother’s Day with my Mum.  Headed to the cinema to watch Beauty and the Beast, which we both enjoyed.  I have to say I did find it very long and although I really enjoyed the special effects and acting I don’t think I’d be in a hurry to watch it again or buy it when it comes out.  Perhaps though that’s because it wasn’t my favourite Disney film as a child, mine was always Alice in Wonderland.  

We’ve just had delicious Sunday roast and ready to chill out on the sofa and catch up with the new series of Grace and Frankie on Netflix.  A perfect end to a pretty good first week of being 31.  I hope you are all enjoying your Sunday, whether it’s celebrating Mother’s Day or not, perhaps it’s just enjoying this brighter night, now that the clocks have sprung forward.


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