Starfish Cafe @Cairn Bay Lodge


Not new, but another of my favourite local places to eat as it’s just round the bay from my house, is local business The Starfish at Cairn Bay Lodge.


Hands up, I’m bad and didn’t have a picture of the front of the The Starfish at Cairn Bay Lodge so I took this one from their Instagram page. They are located on the Seacliff Road on your way out of Bangor, Co.Down along the coast heading to Ballyholme (map).

Opening Hours

Tuesday to Saturday – 8am – 4pm


The Starfish is a pretty special place where guests, locals, families and friends are all welcome.  Serving breakfast, brunch and great coffee with food and views to die for.  Healthy simple flavours, some with a twist or a kick, using the best of local seasonal produce, there is something that everyone can enjoy.  Stunning sea views or cosy corners by the fire, this really is a destination for delicious food!

From my Instagram posts you might have spotted my photos from The Starfish there before, but let me show you some of my photos in a little more detail (aka bigger so you can see them).


As you can see from just a few of my photos they do a wide range of delicious, fresh and healthy foods; even their chocolate cake has hidden veg in it (beetroot)! However you shouldn’t just salivate over my photos, you need to check out their Instagram and Facebook pages!

Why not take a closer look at their menu.


Oh, I nearly forgot, just look at the interior, this is my favourite room, the first room on the left as you walk in, with stunning seaside views!

Disclaimer alert: Again I have not been asked to write this blog or promote The Starfish at Cairn Bay Lodge, I have decided to tell you about them and share one of my favourite local businesses with you!

So if you already haven’t done so, I recommend you head down and meet the lovely guys at The Starfish at Cairn Bay Lodge and try some of the delicious food.  In the meantime be sure to check out both their Instagram and Facebook pages, I promise they will leave your mouth watering! If you do head down and take any photos, share them with me on Instagram – @zane_mlmbz


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