Throwback Thursday – Cork

New month, new TBT (Throw Back Thursday), so this month let me share with you somewhere a little further from my home than the North Coast.  Actually it’s as far from the North Coast as possible, it’s right down at the bottom of Ireland; Cork.

Image result for cork ireland map

Cork is a city in the South of Ireland, right down at the very bottom, if you look on the map you can see the county at the top right hand side; Down, that’s the county I live in and the drive from my little home town to Cork is a good 5 hours.  Now this will be nothing to some of you who live in large countries such as America, but for us this is a pretty long drive.

The Metropole Hotel


Cork was always somewhere I had wanted to visit so when my best friend invited me along for a mini-break I jumped at the chance!  We stayed in the Metropole Hotel which was fantastic, a nice big room with fabulous views and really central for places to visit, shop and eat.



Cork English Market

One of the first places we visited was the English Market, we absolutely loved just wandering about it, smelling all the different foods which left our mouths watering.



It was so hard to choose just a couple of things but we treated ourselves to two of the donuts from the stall above (so frustrating, I can’t remember their name).  We went for the Oreo and Caramel and oh my word they were to die for, so tasty and light!

Fitzgerald’s Park


We really enjoyed walking through Fitzgerald’s Park, it was beautiful and full of lots of different art and sculptures (the only downfall was the amount of dog poo around the park, so watch out for that).  We took the time to sit down and have a bit of a rest after walking miles upon miles and had some lunch. There was a lovely looking cafe in the middle of the park but we had a delicious sandwich from The Real Olive Company that we had picked up earlier in the day from The English Market.

Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral


St Fin Barre’s Cathedral was one of the most stunning cathedrals I think I have ever seen and that was only from the outside.  The grounds and the architecture of the cathedral were just breathtaking.  I also enjoyed seeing a labyrinth for the first time in real life.

Elizabeth Fort


Close by to St Finn Barre’s Cathedral was Elizabeth Fort, a free venue to check out with stunning views of the cathedral and a chance to experience an air raid shelter and see what the fort used to be like when it was in use.

Street Art


It seemed to be around every corner I turned in the city there were pieces of street art.  I just had to stop and take a photo, I just loved it!

Around the City


Just wandering around the city there were other beauties that caught my eye, not just the street art but the sculptures and large clocks, I especially loved this mosaic archway above this big blue door.

Food and Drink


Well of course you have to stop and refuel after a mammoth day of walking about exploring.  After a bit of an instagram stalk of Cork before we went down I spotted this Brookie and chocolate ice cream sundae with salted caramel popcorn from Market Lane Restaurant and yes it did taste as good as it looks!


On one of the nights for dinner we headed to Son of a Bun for an absolutely huge feed of burgers and chips, I would recommend even splitting a side as we really struggled to eat even half of the food.  This was also my first time trying Blue Moon Beer and I really enjoyed it, I’ve been looking forward to it when I’ve been out up north, but have yet to find it.

St Peter’s and Paul’s Church


When a wrong turn in the middle of a busy street in a busy city leads you to the tranquility of a beautiful church.



About 20 minutes from our hotel is Cobh, a stunning little harbour town.  We had been recommended to go here so decided to go on our last day and we were really glad we did, it was beautiful.  We especially loved the multi-coloured houses – Deck of Cards as they are so fondly referred to.  We took a tour on one of the trains, well more like a road train if that makes sense, it was a bit expensive but lasted about an hour and a half and we were able to see everything there was to see around Cobh, including entrance into St Colmans Cathedral.

So in a nutshell that was my mini-break to Cork, we had a ball and it was a beautiful city to visit, one I would definitely recommend.


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