Throwback Thursday – North Coast, NI

Something I really love to do is travel and explore new places, whether it be far away or close to home.  I’ve been really lucky this year to travel and visit a few different countries so I’ve decided to share a place I’ve visited as a Throw Back Thursday (TBT) one Thursday a month.   This month to start off is kind of cheating because it’s still Northern Ireland and only about an hour and a half up the road for me, but even though it’s basically on my doorstep it isn’t somewhere I get to visit much.


So there is a small (in comparison to most other countries) part of Northern Ireland at the very north coast, hence the name, and it is absolutely breath taking! Looking out onto the Atlantic Sea the views, blue waters and sandy beaches are beautiful!  The North Coast is especially special for Mr D and I because that is where we got engaged in August 2017.  I’ve mixed up a few of the photos of places we visited then and photos of other times I have been just to share with you all the North Coast has to offer.  Don’t worry, even though we would have gone up at least once a year in the Summer as kids the photos are all within the last couple of years, not too out of date.

Also can I also just share with you now, Northern Ireland is 8 out of 10 times more grey and wet than it is bright and sunny, you’ll see this in the photos, but you’ll also see the beauty of the scenery in even the most pants day!


This apparently is Mr D’s ‘stomping ground’; well at least I think that’s what he said it was called, something to do with the golf and his amazing win there.  Amazing golf course or not, the views are to die for!


White Park bay

Another beautiful sandy beach and blue waters, but with the odd cow strolling across the sand in front of you . . .  ‘Only in Northern Ireland’!




Bothy Coffee @ White Park Bay

Just up from White Park Bay beach is Bothy Coffee White Park Bay is a new place to stop off for food and drinks.  I really enjoyed sitting down on big comfy leather armchairs (you know the old fashioned ones that seem to just eat you up), have some fresh homemade soup to warm me up, followed by that beauty above.  A smores brownie and London fog, absolutely to die for!

St Gobban’s Church


Unfortuantely this place is somewhere you won’t be able to visit for yourself!  So sad, and I’m not sure why but they have demolished St Gobban’s Church at Portbradden, it was the smallest church in Ireland and was a stunning little place to visit.


Watertop Open Farm

This August was our first time visiting Watertop Open Farm and we had such a laugh, so much to do (you can check it all out on their website, which is linked above).  We didn’t have loads of time so we just visited the petting area/mini farm and had some fun out on the pond ‘attempting’ to row!

Musseden temple and Downhill Demense

One of my favourite places to visit, and only somewhere I have just started to go to in the last few years.  I always admired it from afar, on the TV when local adds came up and now it’s always added to our list of places we MUST visit.  It is a beautiful building with stunning views, the railway runs right under it and the walk to it is a nice and gentle one, well apart for the free roaming sheep! Yes random sheep everywhere (you can spot some in a couple of the photos), however the last time I was there there were no sheep in sight, so perhaps they have been re-homed.


White Rocks Beach


Not to be mixed up with White Park Bay, this beach is cow free!


Ballintoy Harbour

Game of Thrones fans may recognise this place!


Giant’s Causeway

Possibly one of the most famous landmarks in Northern Ireland! The Giant’s Causeway was named as the eighth greatest natural wonder in the World.  I won’t tell you too much about the stories we tell about how it came about, perhaps you already know . . .

Don’t worry if you really want to know and can’t head over to find out for yourself, message me or comment and I’ll spill the beans!

Carrick-a-rede Rope Bridge

This is NOT, I repeat NOT for you if you are scared of heights, even one of the photos may make you shudder! However if heights aren’t an issue for you this place is definitely one to visit and if you are bird fan this is the place to go!


The Dark Hedges

Again another place you Game of Thrones fans might recognise . . .  The Dark Hedges in Ballymoney.



Not too many scenic pictures of Portstewart, more like food and drink ones!  Another bonus of the North Coast is the fantastic places to eat and drink and a MUST VISIT place is Morelli’s Ice Cream Parlour on Portstewart Strand!

One of the new places we tried this Summer was Amici, it’s been up in Portstewart for a few years now, but we had never got round to trying it out.  However after the delicious feed we had and the drinks at an unbeatable price we WILL definitely be back!  EVERYTHING BELOW FOR £75!

Bushmills Distillery

This Summer was Mr D’s first time visiting Old Bushmills Distillery, he absolutely loved it, especially as he’s started to get a taste for whiskey.  I however can’t stand the stuff, but enjoy the tour.  Here are a mix of pictures for when we were there in this Summer and ones on a typical wet Northern Irish day with the best friend. *There are no pictures inside the Distillery because you can’t have any electrical devices on due to the high levels of alcohol and risks around that.



This is the one place we used to visit every Summer as children, usually up to Barry’s and the amusements.  As I’ve got older I still go back, but explore a bit more of the beach, harbour and esplanade, and of course the food and drink in the Ramore!



The Ramore Portrush

I felt that The Ramore needed their own space for me to shall are my photos, mostly of the desserts as that’s one of the main things they are famous for, alongside the delicious and well priced meals! One of my absolute favourite places to eat and drink up the North Coast is Ramore restaurants, we usually head to the Winebar, but we have also been trying out Neptune & Prawn which is just across the road.


The desserts!


Neptune & Prawn


Rathlin Island

Once again a first time heading over to Rathlin Island and of course it had to be the wettest day and a bit of a rough ride over on the Spirit of Rathlin.  Unfortunately too it was too late in the year to see the puffins, but there were lots of other birds there for some bird watching up at the lighthouse.

So there we have it, my top places to visit up the North Coast, have I left anything out or somewhere you would recommend?  The only place I can think of is Dunluce Castle, only because for a ruin I personally don’t think it’s worth the entrance fee, perhaps though I’m missing out on something by not going.

Mum and I will be up the North Coast again at the end of this month, over Halloween half term.  We have a voucher for The Ramore, so keep an eye out on my instagram for all the photos!

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