Belfast on a budget


It’s not often Phil and I get a day off together, with me working and him doing shifts and normal day to day life things it’s nice to get out and just have some fun together. I can’t remember the last time we headed ‘out-out’ never mind during the day.


On Friday we had a day off and Phil planned to take me out for the day, (bonus that the car didn’t take much to get through MOT) after we got sorted with some wedding admin. One of the last big things we need to do is sort out drinks (our venue doesn’t have a drinks licence), so we met up with the guys from Nightcap Bartending in their bar/club Time Belfast, it was so nice, I’d not been in there for years, since it was The Fly.

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Photo credit – Time Belfast

Once we met up with Nightcap Bartending (massive fingers crossed that working with them will work out for us and our wedding budget!) we headed down to Ellison Jewellers, that’s where we picked my engagement ring and want to get our wedding bands from the same place. I know it’s still pretty early with 10 months still to go, but we wanted to even just price rings. Bonus, Phil found his after trying on a couple, well more on his baby finger, wow he has fat digits lol a size X! I also tried on a couple, but with their bigger range back in next week I’m going to head back down again, as I didn’t find THE ONE.

Wedding admin done, now on to celebrating the weekend and having a few drinks. A day/afternoon/night out drinking and dinner in Belfast can be expensive, we however were able to be savvy and do everything a little cheaper. Let me show you how . . .


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Photo credit – Visit Belfast

Our first stop was Revolucion de Cuba, Arthur Street, Belfast. We headed there about 4.30ish and was very happy to realise it was happy hour, even better their happy hour on a Friday is from 3pm – 7pm.





The cocktails during this time are all £4.50. We stayed for a couple of rounds until we headed round to Zizzi in Victoria Square for dinner.



Zizzi is one of our favourite restaurants and go to dinner date, especially when we’re on a budget thanks to Tesco and their Clubcard boosts. We do most of our shopping in Tesco so it’s great when we can transfer our money vouchers into food vouchers for Zizzi.

With our vouchers we got all our food for free and only had to pay for our drinks as they aren’t covered with the vouchers.


So all we paid was £13 for 2 large Peronis. I also struggled to finish my pizza, but Zizzi are happy to box your dinner and you can take any leftovers away with you.



After dinner we had so much fun exploring the 3 floors of Victoria Square and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (unfortunately we were too late for the Dome).


Next up we used some of the deals on the Ohh Social app, recommended to me earlier on in the nigh. I paid £7.50 for a one off subscription fee and that gets me lots of fantastic deals. We used the 2-4-1/ Buy one get one free deals for a couple of the local bars.



The first place we tried out the Buy one cocktail get another free from the Ohh Social app was the Malmaison, Victoria Street, Belfast.





These two cocktails worked out at £8.95 or £4.48 each with the app.


Again before heading back to the train we used the Ohh Social app in The Northern Whig, Bridge Street, Belfast. Picking from their Cathedral Cocktails list we again used the BOGOF offer.




These two cocktails worked out at £7.95 or £3.95 each with the app.

It really does make a difference when you can have dinner and drinks out with a little extra help to cut costs.


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