Last week of my Summer hols (basically had a month in and a month off) and Phil and I decided last minute to book a few days away. Nothing fancy as we can’t afford it with saving for the wedding. So a Groupondeal later and we are off to Donegal. Take a look at what we got up to and what we would recommend.

Our last minute deal was for a hotel in Killybegs; to be honest we didn’t find very much to do here, visiting a local carpet museum wasn’t really our thing. So we jumped in the car and went adventuring.

The place might not have been the must buzzing place or full of things to do but it was full of the friendliest people and some of the most delicious fresh fish!

When it comes to food then Killybegs Seafood Shack is the place to go! I’m not really a fish fan, (I’d have the odd fish & chips here and there) but this place converted me!

The Seafood Box (€12, filled with Cod, Haddock, Calamari and Scampi, with full prawns) was so good that Phil actually went back over to the van to tell them just how amazing it was; this is something I’ve never known Phil to do, so that’s a big thing!

The Seafood Shack sits on the main road through Killybegs and looks out onto the harbour.

All the food is cooked fresh and to order and I love their little sign that says ‘Due to the fresh nature of our produce everything is cooked to order . . . Please enjoy the view while you wait’. So that is just what we did, you can see the beautiful view we had to take in of the harbour.

If any of you watched my stories on instagram you’d have heard about Phil’s drama of having no clothes to wear . . . Yes who goes on holiday with no clothes; that’s Phil. He decided because he rarely buys any new clothes that this holiday would be the time to do it, not realising that there are basically no high street shops in Donegal or Killybegs. It’s basically just small shops, boutiques or shops very much out of our budget or not his style. So in a quest for new clothes and being the random adventures that we are we headed off to Letterkenny (about an hr and a half drive away).

When we were in Letterkenny we decided to do something other than shop and go to Tropical World in Alcorn’s Flower & Garden Centre. It was €8.50 for entrance into Tropical World, but the Garden Centre is free and there’s a lovely cafe.

There were fab models of dinosaurs and other animals you’d find in the wild.

There is also lots of bugs, reptiles and birds.

How could I also forget these little cuties and the prairie dogs.

They also have the cutest tiny monkeys (they were too quick to get a proper photo).

One of the main things that drew me to Tropical World was the Butterfly House.

What a faff I had trying to get these photos; butterflies that didn’t like to sit and stop (I mean didn’t they get the memo I wanted photos lol), my phone died when it hit the heat and my camera kept steaming up because it was so warm in the Butterfly House.

Next up it was back to Donegal Town and into McCafferty’s Pub for a wee drink before dinner. And yes I was lured in by the pretty lights and signs on the wall . . .

A pint of Orchard Thieves; one of our favourite ciders. We then went off to have a delicious meal at The Quay West.

This was another of the quotes on the wall of the pub, and under a photo of me from 2 years ago on Fintra Beach. We had aimed to go again on this holiday, but on our last day the weather and rain was just too bad.

What we did get to do on our last day before the heavens opened (the rain came) was Slieve League Cliffs. So many of my instagram followers recommended we visited here!

The views were beautiful! Not too much of a hike, because I did my research before we went. Thank goodness for other people’s reviews on Trip Advisor; so there are two car parks, one at the top and one at the bottom. Initially when you reach Slieve League (which is free) there is a gate at the end of the bottom car park leading to the path. This is closed due to the roaming sheep, so you can get out of your car, open the gate and drive up to the top car park; just make sure you close the gate behind you. It really is quite the hike up to the cliffs!

At the top of the cliff you can also get a bite to eat – Lobster rolls €7 each; they also do hotdogs and drinks. There’s also a little shop at the top beside this pod that sells hats, scarves etc.

At one of the look out points you can also buy these walking sticks, pictures and a couple of souvenirs.

These guys also roam about freely, but they won’t bother you if you don’t bother them.

The last place I want to share with you is Ahoy Cafe in Killybegs; we called in here after the Slieve League Cliffs to get a hot drink to warm up.

We had heard lots of fantastic reviews of Ahoy Cafe and would have loved a proper meal in here, but we just ran out of time. We did however have a delicious hot chocolate and the most stunning cappuccino; yes that is a swan on the top!!!

The cafe was so pretty and full of local artwork and bits and pieces, I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the birthday card, made by local artist Clara McCarthy.


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