Top 15 – September


Wow this month flew in!  Check out my top 15 favourite obsessions for September, they range from books to beauty.

1. Book


I absolutely loved this second instalment from Louise Pentland, following Robin Wilde’s life, with ups and downs and some sensitive topics covered it really was a fantastic read!

2. Savoury Recipe


This beef kofta curry with sag aloo went down an absolute treat this month, especially with the change in weather and those darker, colder nights.  It’s a recipe we got ages ago with Hello Fresh, click here to try it out for yourself.

3. Netflix programme


I was so happy to see Season 3 back this month on Netflix, just gutted that I’ve already totally devoured it and completed it!  It took me a while back at Season 1 to get over the voice over and mouths not being in sync but when I realised the series is actually Spanish and dubbed over, not just buffering I didn’t mind.  Set in the 1920’s this is a feminist themed drama with lots of twists and turns.

4. Podcast


I’ve recently really got into listening to podcasts in the car on the way to and from work each day, I spend so much time driving I wanted to be more productive.  I’m really loving listening to Giovanna Fletcher’s Happy Mum, Happy Baby and feel like I’m learning a lot for possible later life of parenting myself, but also relating to the parents I work with on a daily basis.  Any other podcasts you recommend please leave me a wee comment or get in touch.

5. Walk


I love going out on random walks and especially when Phil and I get a rare day off together it’s a cheap date!  Last Sunday we headed to Armagh and I was busting to go for a walk though an Autumn turning forest.  We headed to Palace Demense, it’s such a beautiful place to explore!

6. Nail Polish


I have such a range of different colours and brands of nail polishes.  This month I’ve been loving my Nails Inc Palace Gardens NailKale.  It seems to have a range of colours depending on what way the light hit them; grey, blue, green.

7. Product I can’t live without this month


I’m one of those people who never really know’s what to do when it comes to shampoos, I usually find one I like and stick to it or I buy a new one I’ve been sucked into buying because of all the advertisements or yes I put my hands up, I buy it because it’s on offer.  My hair also has a life of it’s own, I barely get very long out of it before needing to wash it again, my greys are back within a month and my colour always seems to fade.  So when my lovely friend Michelle at Salon 105 recommended I try this OGX Nourishing Coconut Shampoo which is sulphate free.  I am definitely converted, my hair colour hasn’t washed out as quickly, I never need to use conditioner to get rid of tangles, my hair appears a little thicker and it gives my hair a good wash.  Now I still don’t get long out of a wash, but I can live with that.

8. Quote


This is actually a quote our photography lecturer said last week and it really resonated with me, how true it is . . .

9. Photo


This is one of my favourite photos I snapped this September, it was down in Belfast at Culture Night, the entrance leading out to Writer’s Square, opposite St Ann’s Cathedral.  The hearts were made by Picture of Grace and I loved how they looked in this lighting and from this angle.

10. TV Show

Image result for bbc bodyguard

My Sunday night’s in September were spent watching BBC 1’s Bodyguard with Keeley Hawes and Richard Madden.

11. Piece of Clothing


‘The M&S dress’ definitely was that investment buy, I’ve teamed it up this month with tights; 1 because it’s been a little colder and 2, because I can’t be bothered to shave my legs.  I just need to look out for a cardigan so I can wear it in the Winter months.

I haven’t linked this dress as it’s out of stock and I don’t think it is coming back in.

12. Drink


After my gin tour at Echlinville Distillery last month, Phil surprised me with my own little bottle of Jawbox Pineapple and Ginger Gin.  I’ve still at least half the bottle left and I’m not a big drinker, more of an odd one here and there.  I have however really enjoyed those I have had and really like the Pineapple and Ginger gin mixed with ginger ale and served with a wedge of lime.

13. Sweet Recipe


These brownies from Lucy Watson’s recipe book Feed Me Vegan are absolutely delicious, so easy and quick to make and as an added bonus you don’t need a lot of fancy, expensive ingredients; most of these I had around the house.  I brought these into work and everyone loved them, had no idea they were dairy free, never mind vegan.  They went down a treat, everyone loved them and they were so chocolatey and moist.  This is her recipe, direct from her book Feed Me Vegan.

14. Song

I haven’t been listening to music that much now that I’ve been listening to podcasts when I’m driving, but I am loving this song!

15. Candle


This is one of the best candles I have ever bought, I’m gutted I’ve already used it all, but I suppose that shows how much I liked it.  It’s one of those candles that aren’t too intense, but it has a wonderful smell that fills your room both lit and unlit.  To get your own, check out this link.

So there we have it, my top 15 obsessions for September, now to obsess over a few more things for October.  Any suggestions of what I should give a go?

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