WCCFW26 – RUNWAY EDIT – Make a statement

Fashion and style can come in many forms and today I’m sharing with you head pieces. Millinery is an amazing skill and I’m always blown away with then art (I mean it basically is a piece of art) created sometimes out of such basic materials.

SMC Millinery


Aimee – ‘Pippa’ Royal blue headpiece and gold hat £60


Adriana – ‘Zara’ headpiece – teal and gold hat £60


Veronika – ‘Molly’ headpiece – leopard print hat £60


Ellen – ‘Kyle’ headpiece – purple and black hat and Victoria – ‘Robyn’ headpiece – green peacock hat £50


Thandi – ‘Tilly’ headpiece – navy and gold hat £60


Sophie – ‘Bonnie’ headpiece – Black design hat £60 and Stefania – ‘Esme’ headpiece – navy and black feather hat £60


Maria – ‘Felda’ headpiece – teal silk abaca hat £50 and Philippa – ‘Harriet’ headpiece – pink silk abaca hat £50


Joy – ‘Irene’ headpiece – Black hat £60 and Rebecca – ‘Dawn’ headpiece – black and white hat £80


Nuala – ‘Elle’ headpiece – Black hat £80


Demelza – ‘Reese’ headpiece – orange, red and gold hat £80 and Catty – ‘Millie’ headpiece – lavender and silver hat £60


Kirsty-Lynn – ‘Rosie’ headpiece – light green and white hat £60

Grainne Maher

Aimee – cream leather teardrop percher with black bloom

Veronika – red metallic leather teardrop with red bloom and Victoria – red metallic leather button with pink bloom

Sophie – red metallic leather halo with leather flowers


Maria – burgundy leather halo

Joy – Black geometric leather base with crin swirl detail and Stefania – uber sparkly floral wire headpiece

Nuala – Black sunamay boater with leather edge and Catty – Black pleated crin birdcage with patent leather flowers

Adriana – pleated crin edge with black and gold leather button percher and Ellen – purple leather base with wire and leather flowers

Thandi – Black felt beret with uber sparkly flowers and Philippa – silver leather button with double bloom



Further Info

SMC Millinerywebsite    instagram

Grainne Maherwebsite     instagram

CMPR – models

Hair by – Paul Meekin Hair & ghd

Makeup by – Oonagh Boman

Belfast Fashion Week – website     instagram


                                    – WCCFW26 -Runway Edit – Supermarket V Boutique

                                                             – WCCFW26 – RUNWAY EDIT – Head to Toe



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